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Q&A - Tips and trends to cater your corporate Christmas party

Q&A - Tips and trends to cater your corporate Christmas party

Interviewer: Could you please introduce yourself?

EM: I'm Eilish, I'm one of the Senior Corporate Account Managers on the Deliveroo for Business team. I also head up our catering offering for our corporate clients.

Interviewer: How do you organize corporate parties at DFB? What is the usual process?

EM: We take care of the whole process from start to finish, the client can be involved as little or as much as they wish. This involves liaising with our many restaurant partners, our fleet of car and van drivers and ensuring everything arrives on time and is of perfect quality. Our account managers do a fantastic job and know the best restaurants to suit any occasion. You can call them account managers/party planners.

Interviewer: What are your tips to organize a successful catered corporate party?

EM: It's all in the planning and listening to the client so you know exactly what needs to be done and exactly what they want. Timings are very important and we understand that, so planning is key! The clients we work with come in all shapes and sizes, from banks and law firms in the city to tech hubs in Soho. We understand every unique requirement and tailor our service to meet their needs.

Interviewer: How important are these events for companies? Why is end-of-year a special time of the year?

EM: It's a perfect opportunity for companies to bring all their employees together and food is the great icebreaker. Everyone is so busy all year round and it's a great time to wind down and reflect on the past year.

Interviewer: Have you seen any new trends in 2018?

EM: It seems to have been a year of 'out with the old and in with the new'. We've said goodbye to plain sandwich platters and waved in great options like artisan bread and wraps with delicious fillings. Let's also not forget the 2018 staple - poké bowls!

Interviewer: One last word?

EM: Merry Christmas everyone! Keep us in mind for all of your office events - catering isn't just for Christmas!

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