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Pregnancy Craving-Inspired Ice Cream on Deliveroo

Expectant mums, get your favourite pregnancy cravings in an ice cream on Deliveroo

Have you ever sent your partner out to pick up something weird and wonderful to satisfy your pregnancy cravings? Or maybe you've rushed down to the shops when you couldn't sleep without your pickle fix. From 24th November, you can put a stop to those late-night dashes with a new menu of pickle, Sriracha chilli and cheese crisp flavour ice creams from Udderlicious on Deliveroo in London.


Why pickle, Sriracha chilli and cheese crisp ice cream?

We're all about bringing delicious food to customers, wherever they are. And this year, our riders have even been asked to take food straight to the delivery room! To make sure that expectant mums get the comfort food they want when they need it most, we thought it was about time we did something a little bit special for them. So we had a chat with Raj, the founder of Udderlicious, who told us that their ice cream has always been a popular choice with mums-to-be: "Cold, creamy ice cream is a common craving in pregnancy and we often get asked for strange savoury flavours!"

We then did some research and asked 1,500 UK women who have been pregnant what they craved most when they were expecting. Their top craving was ice cream, which was followed by chilli in second, pickled onions in third place, crisps in fourth and then chocolate. That's when the teams at Deliveroo and Udderlicious got creative and devised this brand new menu inspired by those cravings, available at £4.25 per scoop.


These cravings-inspired scoops are perfect during pregnancy because all of Udderlicious' ice cream is made with pasteurised milk and it doesn't contain raw eggs.


The best part is that we'll bring the ice cream to you between 12:00pm and 10:00pm. So the next time your cravings kick in, don't pop down to the shop in your dressing gown or send your other half out on a mission, just pick your flavour, get comfy and we'll deliver straight to your door.

Order your pickle, Sriracha chilli and cheese crisp flavour ice cream from Udderlicious on Deliveroo from 24th November.

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