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Get Deliveroo to parks in South London

Now delivering to parks in South London – get outside with Deliveroo

You can now get your Deliveroo favourites brought to the park in South London, so leave the picnic hamper at home.

Grab the spot in the sun and we'll do the rest, because you can now get Deliveroo to the park. We're helping you to make the most of the summer by bringing your favourite food and drink to all the best suntraps in South London. Here's how you can get Deliveroo outdoors this season.

Here's how it works:

  1. Download or open the app for iOS or Android
  2. Enter your location
  3. Drop the delivery pin at the nearest park entrance
  4. Head over to your designated meeting point once you get the delivery notification and meet your rider

Which parks will you deliver to?

We're delivering to outdoor hotspots across the country, and here's where you can get Deliveroo in South London:

  • Brockwell Park
  • Clapham Common
  • Battersea Park
  • Burgess Park
  • Wimbledon Park

How will I find my rider?

When you've placed an order, you'll get a delivery notification to tell you where to meet your rider. To make it easy for you to find them, we've created individual meeting points around the parks. You can find all the postcodes for the meeting points below with some simple directions to help you get there. So all you need to do is pop over to one of these designated spots, meet your rider, pick up your order and enjoy. That's it.

Brockwell Park

North West Meeting Point: SW2 2TF, meet at the north west entrance, by the intersection of Arlingford Rd and Brailsford Rd.

East Meeting Point: SE24 9AA, meet opposite Brockwell Park's Bus Stop F, at the crossroad between Dulwich Rd and Norwood Rd.

Clapham Common

North West Meeting Point: SW4 0RF, meet at the intersection of Macaulay Rd and Clapham Common Northside, opposite the Holy Trinity Church.

East Meeting Point: SW4 9DE, meet just off Clapham Common Southside (A24) and Windmill Dr, at the edge of the triangle opposite The Windmill pub.

West Meeting Point: SW4 9AT, meet at the intersection of Broomwood Rd and Clapham Common West Side, right next to the bus station on Broomwood Rd.

Battersea Park

South West Meeting Point: SW11 4SJ, meet at the south side of the park, at the intersection of Prince of Wales Dr, Cambridge Rd, and Albert Bridge Rd.

North East Meeting Point: SW8 4NW, meet at the north entrance of the park, at the intersection of Carriage Dr North and Chelsea Bridge Rd, by bus stop CJ for Battersea Park Chelsea Gate.

Burgess Park

Neate St Meeting Point: SE5 0HU, meet at the entrance of the park that's off Neate St and Cobourg Rd.

Albany Rd Car Park Meeting Point: SE5 0DG, meet at the west side of the park, at the edge of the Albany Road car park off Albany Rd.

St George's Way Meeting Point: SE5 7UB, meet at the south west entrance of the park near St George's Church War Memorial.

Wimbledon Park

North West Meeting Point: SW19 6PJ, meet at the intersection of Woodspring Rd and Wimbledon Park Rd.

Revelstoke Rd Meeting Point: SW18 5NN, meet at the entrance that's at the end of Revelstoke Rd under the green bridge.

For more details on how to find your rider, check out our map below.

Please remember to help keep your parks tidy and dispose of your rubbish responsibly.

We've got your summer sorted! Order to the park now.

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