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Milan Upon Thames - The Highlights

Milan Upon Thames – all the best bits

Ever had an Italian with an Italian? We did, when we launched our world-first virtual dining experience, Milan Upon Thames. The team at Deliveroo got together with Wuntu – Three's offers, rewards and content app – and the chefs at Rossopomodoro to bring you our dining room with a view on London's South Bank.

If you missed it, or just want to relive the Milanese magic, here are the best bits from our dinner date with a difference. And we didn't just deliver pizza, as diners Henry and Giovanni soon discovered, watch below to find out more...

What's Milan Upon Thames?

Our two-day dining experience connected foodies in London with friends old and new in Milan. They were able to tuck into a bespoke menu created by the Neapolitan pizza maestros at Rossopomodoro. And they picked up top tips on how to twirl pasta like a pro.


All the highlights

We had plenty of surprised faces in the crowds that tucked in, Thames-side. Foodies that joined us from France couldn't believe we were giving away free food ("this never happens in France!" they said). While kids munched on pizza, parents gave them a lesson on Italian geography and the origins of their favourite dishes. And, three ladies from Italy had a catch-up with their mate in Milan.

Over in Italy, skater kids wowed the crowds, while Michele Liquori – chef extraordinaire from Rossopomodoro – showed us his spaghetti spinning expertise. He took us on a gastronomic crash course of dining the Italian way, before Gianluigi from Rossopomodoro in London passionately explained how sharing food is in the Italians' DNA.


The icing on the cake – or parmesan on top of the pasta, to stick with the theme – was when we sneakily arranged a get-together for three best mates. Henry and Giovanni from London thought they were about to share a slice of pizza and a natter with their friend Anna who lives in Milan. But, like the fairy godmother of food delivery, we secretly flew Anna to London for a surprise reunion with her two best friends. And you thought we just brought you awesome food; we now deliver best mates too!

After the big reunion, the three mates, who met at university, swapped foodie stories about life in Milan – there's a right and wrong way to order a cappuccino; never after lunch guys, remember that!

This was just one of the top tips that our diners took away from Milan Upon Thames. For more hints on how to eat your favourite dishes with all the flare of an Italian foodie, watch our highlights video.

To put your new pasta and pizza eating skills into practice, check out the awesome Italian eats available on Deliveroo.

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