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How to score credit with the £1 goal giveaway

How to score credit with the £1 goal giveaway

To help feed your football fever this summer, we're giving away £1 credit for every goal scored in selected matches! It's easy to play - all you have to do is order between 12pm and kick-off on the day of the game, and hope for some goals.

We'll announce which matches are included in the promotion via email and social media, so you can place your orders in time. Good luck, and you can find full instructions and more information below. Full terms and conditions are available here.

How to Play

Deliveroo is offering you the chance to win £1 worth of Deliveroo credit for every goal scored during selected matches ("£1 Goal Giveaway matches") in accordance with the following guidance ("How to Play Guide") and the full game terms and conditions ("Game Terms"):

  1. Deliveroo may communicate when a £1 Goal Giveaway match is coming up through any of the following formats: email, push notification or its social media pages. Keep an eye out, and if you want to get emails, make sure you've opted in to receive marketing emails (you can do this on your account page).
  2. To enter, you must meet our eligibility criteria (see our Game Terms for more) and place an "ASAP" order with Deliveroo between 12pm and the scheduled kick-off time on the day of the £1 Goal Giveaway match.
  3. Once you have entered, you'll automatically win £1 Deliveroo credit for any goal scored during the 90 minutes (including any injury time) of the £1 Goal Giveaway match. Penalty shootouts, disallowed goals and goals scored during extra-time will not count.
  4. Within 48 hours after the £1 Goal Giveaway match, we'll send you an email confirming the credit you have won, and showing you how to claim it.
  5. You can only enter once in respect of any £1 Goal Giveaway match (your entry into one match won't prevent you from entering future £1 Goal Giveaway matches).  
  6. Please read our Game Terms carefully for full details about this promotion and the terms of your credit.

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