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Eat Grub: Deliveroo’s New Insect Pop-Up Restaurant

Eat Grub: Deliveroo’s new insect pop-up restaurant

Ever thought eating insects was only reserved for bushtucker trials and celebrities stranded in an Australian jungle? Think again. To introduce you to the world of entomophagy (that's edible insect eating), you can now order crispy crickets, grasshoppers and buffalo worms in delicious dishes created by Eat Grub – an insect pop-up restaurant available on Deliveroo in London.

What's on the menu?

Until 10th November, you can order from an exciting menu created by Eat Grub's Head Chef, Seb Holmes. For a truly unique delivery experience, you can order everything from spicy cricket rice cake snacks to main courses, including insect miang (buffalo worms wrapped in betel leaf, with toasted coconut, ginger, lime, peanuts, pomelo, chilli, coriander and Thai shallots, topped with a grasshopper) and a smoked cricket Som Tam salad. To really challenge your sweet tooth, you can also pick one of Eat Grub's insect-packed desserts too.


Why we're buzzing about bugs

As well as being way more fun than that packed lunch you take into work every day, edible insects have so many hidden nutritional and environmental benefits, as Seb explains; "I love cooking with insects, they're an excellent source of protein, low in fat and most importantly, they're delicious! Crickets and grasshoppers have a nutty taste, buffalo worms are sour – there are so many combinations. You're missing out on a world of flavour if you haven't tried it".


Edible insects are a really sustainable way of feeding growing populations around the world and alleviating the pressure on farming. So three years ago, Eat Grub's founders, Shami Radia and Neil Whippey, decided it was time to introduce the concept to the UK. Since then, their gourmet grubs have built up a big following of forward-thinking foodies on the lookout for protein-packed dishes.

Insects have a much higher protein count than beef – in 100g of beef, for example, you'll get approximately 20g of protein, whereas you'll get the same amount of protein from just 60g of crickets. Plus, if you need a quick protein hit at your desk before a lunchtime gym session, a crunchy cricket snack is a lot easier to dip into than carving up a steak.

"Our aim is to normalise entomophagy," Shami adds. "We explain the nutritional and environmental benefits of this food but focus on making sure it tastes amazing, so people want to hear what you have to say." And once you try Eat Grub for yourself, you'll have plenty to say to your mates too.

To give these tasty grubs a go, order from Deliveroo Editions in Shoreditch until 10th November.

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