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Camden Riders Explain Why Flexibility Is Important To Them

Camden riders explain why flexibility is important to them

In a hearing taking place on Tuesday - Thursday this week between Deliveroo and the Independent Workers Union of Great Britain (IWGB) we're fighting to protect the flexibility that riders value most.

The IWGB is demanding that Deliveroo riders be classed as 'workers' rather than self-employed. Deliveroo will be challenging this demand.

Flexibility is the number one reason why riders work with us. Riders can log in when they want and work for as long, or short, as they choose. Riders consistently tell us that this flexibility is what attracts them to Deliveroo. That's what has allowed the company to grow and scale and we're committed to protecting that flexibility so that we can continue to attract riders.

Here's a short video of Deliveroo riders in Camden explaining why the flexibility and freedom that comes with being self-employed is important to them. One rider says that this flexibility allows him to spend time with his wife and baby, whilst another likes the fact that he can take time off to do other activities. Indeed, over eight out of ten riders in the UK say that flexibility is what attracts them to working with Deliveroo.

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