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Ever Had a Cadbury Creme Egg Toastie? Try one on Deliveroo

Ever tried a Cadbury Creme Egg toastie? Here’s how to get one delivered from Delivergoo

For hardcore chocolate fans, waiting for Cadbury Creme Egg season is probably up there with counting down the days to your birthday or your big summer break. If this sounds like you, we've got a bit of good news. We've teamed up with Cadbury to launch a Creme Egg delivery service, dishing up Creme Egg toasties and gooey chocolate fondue. Find out if it's on Deliveroo in your neck of the woods.

In four UK cities, you can get the gooiest Creme Egg creations delivered from Deliveroo Editions. So if you're in London, Leeds, Birmingham or Brighton, look out for a Delivergoo menu, where you could pick a sharing dish for two, at just £6 including delivery, that features these two delicious dishes:

Fire-pit Toastie

Molten in the middle and crispy on the outside – this just raised the toastie bar for good.

Forest-top Fongoo

This dippable dish is a melted swirl of Cadbury Creme Eggs, with crunchy campfire breadsticks and juicy strawberries for dunking.

Before, you could only get these dishes at the Cadbury Creme Egg Camp in London's Shoreditch, but now you don't need to go very far to get stuck in to these sticky twists on classic comfort foods, we'll bring them to you.

These Creme Egg dishes won't be around for long, they're only available from 8th to 14th February. So save yourself the egg hunt and get yours delivered before they're gone.

Order your Cadbury Creme Egg dishes from a Delivergoo menu on Deliveroo from 8th to 14th February in London, Leeds, Birmingham and Brighton.

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