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Tempt Your Tastebuds for the 2018 London Halal Food Festival

Get ready for this year’s London Halal Food Festival

If you're headed to the London Halal Food Festival this summer, you'll be looking forward to a day or two of hedonistic snacking on halal treats of all shapes and sizes. The world famous festival takes place on 11th and 12th August 2018 at the Tobacco Dock in London. As many as 30 different types of halal cuisine are showcased there and you can feast your eyes, tongues and tums on live cooking demonstrations as well as plenty of food stalls.

August seems like a long way off right now, but you can use the time in the build up to the food festival to sample some of the best in London halal cooking with the help of Deliveroo. We've rounded up some great halal dishes that are available to order from five of the best restaurants for halal food in London.

1. Korean Fried Chicken Wings

One of the most popular snacks at Bone Daddies is the Korean Fried Chicken Wings – prepared and cooked in the imaginative style that we've come to expect from them. These are Red Tractor halal chicken wings that have been coated in a sticky chilli garlic sauce that's sweet, sour and finger lickin' good!

2. Freekeh Chicken Salad

For a halal meal with Middle Eastern flavour, try the Freekeh Chicken Salad at Hummus Bros, a combination of freekeh, lettuce, sauteed halal chicken, falafels and salsa. It also comes with tzatziki. For those who haven't yet tried it, freekeh is a supergrain  made through roasting young durum wheat over an open fire and then rubbing the chaff off. This is what gives freekeh – and this amazing Chicken Salad – such a unique nutty flavour.

3.  Halal Burrito

If you're in the mood for a Mexican meal, try the Halal Chicken Burrito at Benito's Hat. This comes with either grilled or braised halal chicken and is served with rice, refried beans and pico de gallo – the traditional Mexican version of tomato salsa. And in case you're wondering why it's called Benito's Hat, it's because the restaurant is named after a former Mexican president who had a penchant for hats!

4. The New Yorker

Finding a great place for halal burgers isn't always easy, but Tex Ann has some great halal choices on the menu. Our pick is the New Yorker, which comes in a range of sizes – 3oz, 6oz and 10 oz. Topped with melted cheese, mustard, mayo, pickles, onions and salad, this is a halal feast to stave off any stomach rumbling – at least until dessert!

5. NY Supreme

Love pizza but want to keep it halal? Then check out the NY Supreme at Paradise Slice. It's topped with ground halal beef, green pepper, mushrooms, olives, onions and parmesan. Make sure to check you order NY Supreme (Halal) as there's a non-halal NY Supreme with Pepperoni on the menu too. An order from Paradise Slice is the perfect choice to go with a beer while watching the footie, or for a family movie night dinner.

Of course, this is just a flavour of the kind of halal cooking that Londoners can get their hands on and, even better, have delivered to their doors.

Whatever kind of cuisine you're after, check out the halal options and order with Deliveroo.

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