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  2. Get on trend and substitute carbs with some alternative sides
Get on trend and substitute carbs with some alternative sides

Get on trend and substitute carbs with some alternative sides

Summer's on the way and you may be feeling a calling for lighter foods most likely meaning, less carbs. However, cutting down on carbs doesn't mean having to feel hungry. Take a look at our selection of trendy sides in cuisines as varied as Indian and American that will work brilliantly as a healthy alternative to carb-heavy rice, pasta and potatoes.

1. Skinny Elvis

At Protein Haus, you barely have to scan the menu to find a dish that suits your particular dietary needs. Whether you want a protein top-up, to avoid carbs or to load up on fresh fruit and veg, there are dishes to suit. Cauliflower has soared in recent times as an alternative to carbohydrates and Protein Haus have employed its versatility in the Skinny Elvis. This is chicken served on cauliflower rice with courgette and it's your carbless route to a filling, flavoursome and fun dish.

2. Butternut Squash Mash

You'd usually think of having rice or naan bread with a curry, but if you want to enjoy a lighter, less card laden dish, then Chaiholics have the perfect solution. Their 7 Spice Luxury Duck Breast is marinated in honey and spices and oven-baked. It's then served on a bed of butternut squash mash, making this a carb-lite delicious dish. It does come with lemon rice as well... but it's up to you to decide whether to eat it or not!

3. Zucchini Fries

Love to put a portion of fries on the side when you're ordering a meal? We all know that potato fries are nothing if not a carb load fiesta, but you can still have the fun of fries without ordering standard chips. Order the Zucchini Fries at 65 and King as a delicious low-carb alternative. Trust us - with their crispy outer and soft, juicy interior, you'll be a convert after your first try!

4.  Hot & Spicy Mushrooms

A simple way to reduce the carbohydrate quantities in your side dishes is to choose a non-starchy vegetable. While leafy green veg have the lowest carbs overall, there are other veg with fewer carbs - and if it's low in carbs yet still substantial you're looking for, mushrooms tick all the boxes. We recommend the Hot & Spicy Mushrooms at Cochin. Sauteed in a spicy and tangy sauce, this can be ordered as a starter or a side.

5. Crushed Pea Salad

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Instead of pairing your burger with the habitual fries, why not try the Crushed Pea Salad from LEON. The peas are crushed by hand (no mushy peas here!), mixed with fresh mint and toasted seeds. A lemon wedge can provide a little extra zing if you want it - either way, this is one satisfying bowl of health.

There you have it! With all these choices, there's no need to feel you're missing out by leaving carbs off your plate.

Take your pick of these low-carb sides to make tonight's dinner just that little bit healthier - order now with Deliveroo.

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