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  2. The future of food is here in the UK…and it’s raw
The future of food is here in the UK…and it’s raw

The future of food is here in the UK…and it’s raw

There's nothing quite like feeling completely nourished after a light, healthy meal. With our modern fast-paced lifestyle, over-cooking, processed foods and harmful additives have taken over the vast majority of how we experience our meals today. It's time to ditch those fillers and look towards the cuisine of the future: clean-cut nutritious raw food.

Inspired by age-old traditions, this notion of eating raw has been perfected by the Japanese cuisine, with sushi being a fantastic and incredibly delicious raw food option. If you're looking for a delicious health boost of your own, it's time to go back to the future with some of the UK's greatest raw food offerings.

1. Spicy Roll from Taberu

Taberu is an authentic Japanese restaurant serving many of the nation's most iconic dishes, from gyoza dumplings to the ever popular chicken katsu. Focusing on raw food, their sushi collection is a definite must-try. The Spicy Tuna Roll is a deliciously indulgent sushi roll made with fresh, raw tuna that offers high-quality protein with a low calorie count. Cucumbers and spring onions make this dish refreshingly crisp, and masago caviar adds on an extra dose of omega-3 acids we all need. To top it all off, a spicy house-made sauce gives you that additional zing that will have you craving more. When it comes to exploring the future of real food, this spot had us from the very first bite.

2. Chirashi Roll from Maguro

Seafood is a great source of protein, vitamins and minerals while also being low in bad fats and cholesterol. Over at Maguro, the Chirashi Roll is the perfect example of the future of seafood. This special roll is stuffed with raw salmon, tuna, yellowtail fish, as well as prawns, crab meat and eel. Talk about a mouthful! With more nutrients than we can count, the massive mix of seafood is dressed with fresh avocado, crunchy spring onions and a drizzle of spicy mayo sauce and rolled together in a radish wrap. As a seafood mega-mix to withstand the test of time, don't miss out on this wonderful bite on your next raw food venture.

3. Black Cod Hand Roll from Sushi Bar Atariya

Another fantastic raw food roll worth getting your hands on is the Black Cod Hand Roll from Sushi Bar Atariya. Black cod is loaded with omega-3s, is high protein and very low in fat content. Could you ask for anything else? Black cod itself is incredibly succulent and has mouth-watering taste that'll quickly make its way to the top of your favourites list if it isn't there already.

4. Salmon Sashimi from Itabashi Japanese Izakaya

Sashimi is a renowned delicacy in Japanese cuisine. As a staple of raw and fresh food, sashimi holds its place among the cream of the crop! Itabashi Japanese Izakaya prepares a gorgeous Salmon Sashimi that will make your raw food quest a guaranteed success. Salmon, on its own, is loaded with selenium, packed with proteins and stocked up on Vitamin B, promising your body (and your appetite) a perfectly healthy and nutritious meal with every tasty portion. Cucumbers and spring onions are added for an extra healthy crunch as well as a refreshing yuzu dressing for the final touch. Healthy, simple and delicious, you can't go wrong with the future of food when you opt for some salmon Sashimi.

Make your future brighter and healthier with any of these wonderful raw food bites, and Deliveroo will bring them right to your dining table!

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