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Why they ride: the largest ever rider survey

Why they ride: the largest ever rider survey

The world of work is changing. The largest every rider survey, commissioned as part of an independent study undertaken by Public First, point to a huge increase in on-demand work over the next 5 years as it adds an extra £1.7bn in higher incomes – and becomes an increasingly popular choice for people in search of flexibility and higher earnings. It reveals that riders are actively choosing to reject traditional forms of work, preferring the opportunity to be their own bosses instead.

For parents, students and carers particularly, the freedom to choose when, where and whether you work that is offered by Deliveroo makes this new form of employment particularly attractive – with over 80% of riders identifying flexibility as the thing they liked most about riding with Deliveroo, rising to nearly 90% of students.

This ground-breaking research also sheds light on the motivations and prioritise of those who choose on-demand work. Nearly 40% of riders said that they'd start their own business or work for themselves if they no longer worked with Deliveroo – with only 9% saying that they would consider returning to more traditional employment.

Deliveroo is really proud to be able to offer riders the flexibility to work around their interests and families – and with more and more people choosing to work this way, is urging policy makers to take onboard this important report and move towards ending the trade-off between flexibility and security in employment law.

Read the full report here.

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