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Poké Bowls Make It To The UK

Story behind the dish: poké bowls make it to the UK

Before you make the same mistake as us, it's pronounced poh-kay. Although you may have never heard of this eccentric bowl before now, it's quickly becoming the next big thing in the world of grab-and-go food.

Poké is a Hawaiian dish, usually made of raw fish marinated in soy sauce, accompanied by seaweed, avocado or cucumber on a bed of rice – all served up in a convenient bowl.

Ingredients are delicately sliced and arranged, which makes perfect sense when you realise the 'poké' is Hawaiian for 'cut' or 'section'.

It's not every day that a new dish bursts onto the scene that looks as good as it tastes, but we think the poké bowl is one of them. A combination of fresh and experimental garnishes make this dish a serious contender for a long-stay in UK street food – and could help popularise seaweed at lunch time.

Make your poké more personal

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If we're being honest, it's rather difficult to describe exactly what flavours you'll be getting from a typical poké bowl because of the sheer variety on offer.

The dish lends itself to personal customisation, so you can infuse your particular poké bowl with whichever flavours you feel like eating that day.

Chefs regularly add sesame seeds to their poké creations, which gives an appetising crunch to every bite, distinguishing it from soft sushi rolls. The flavour of the fish plays perfectly with the tangy vegetables and soy dressing, and the sesame's natural nuttiness provides an extra depth of flavour.

Huge flavours in a pretty package

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Sushi aficionados of all stripes will love the look of this delish dish. Red meat combined with oriental greenery is definitely one of 2017's solid styles – so it's no wonder it's filling up your Instagram feed.

A typical serving is soy-seasoned with short grain rice, but that's just the beginning. Tuna with spicy salsa, seabass with wasabi, yellowtail on spicy garlic – there's a whole rainbow of variations being served up by top food joints.

New and interesting spins on the dish are popping up all over the country, and specialised restaurants are creating their own versions of poké paradise – which is great news for foodie fans that like to mix things up.

Coming soon to a high street near you…?

The poké is an exciting foodie trend that's just starting to catch fire. Right now, it's big on both the New York and Los Angeles lunch scene, with specialist restaurants offering "build your own bowl" options. This ingenious idea has now crossed the pond to the UK.

In the meantime, Island Poké in London is a great place to kick-start your obsession with the dish. Top tip: the mango salsa is an ideal accompaniment to a spoonful of soy and fish. Thankfully Island Poké provide a healthy scoop of the stuff with their salmon-based Yuzu Lomi Lomi bowl.It's the restaurant's most popular dish for good reason: freshly caught fish goes perfectly with the crisp edamame beans. The citrusy yuzu dressing adds a refreshing sourness to the tender salmon, giving you a contemporary twist on the fish-and-lemon classic.

Don't be late to the poké party – get your hands on some top quality bowls at Island Poké, available now through Deliveroo.

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