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  2. Pizza & Pasta? There's More To The Med, and These Dishes are On-Trend
Pizza & Pasta? There's More to the Med, and These Dishes are On-Trend

Pizza & Pasta? There's More To The Med, and These Dishes are On-Trend

In need of a good Italian? Aren't we all. The Mediterraneans have it all sorted when it comes to their diet, but we just know they can't stay in such good shape through pasta alone (right?). There are plenty of other offerings from Italy and indeed throughout the Med, and luckily, Bristol stays pretty far ahead of the curve with its Italian takeaway options.

We all love the perfect pasta, but what about your other choices? Here are just a few of our faves that you can have – tonight – instead!


1. Jamie's Italian: Pumpkin Arancini

Everyone knows Jamie's Italian – after all, Jamie Oliver is hard to miss. Sometimes, with celebrity chefs, you don't want to believe the hype, but here it's all justified. Pumpkin is so in season at the moment - after all, it's Autumn. They make for the perfect veggie, and not just carved out decorations to amuse the kids! Arancini are an Italian delicacy; fried rice balls oozing with flavour and packed full of foodie favourites. Jamie's has managed to pack in the pumpkin and spiced cheese fonduta finishes the whole thing off. No dressing up, no fuss, just delicious Italian cuisine that you didn't have to lift a finger for (well, except to click)!

2. La Mediterranean: Moussaka

This incredible take on a Greek classic is delicious, and it's available locally thanks to La Mediterranean. Layers upon layers of potatoes and vegetables come with hot minced lamb sandwiched between them, with a healthy helping of bechamel sauce and cheese. It's kind of like a lasagne, without the pasta. You'll be served a fresh salad on the side, the perfect way to complement such a hearty, comforting dish (ideal for those winter nights). You may well be sitting eating it in your living room, but you'll feel like you're off on some Greek Island. Almost.


3. Bosco: Rigatoni Alla Norma

Okay, okay. We lied! Pasta is a staple, especially when it's done good. Bosco knows exactly how to do that, and their Rigatoni Alla Norma is bursting with flavour. Better still, it's vegetarian, so more people can enjoy it. Containing aubergine, ricotta cheese, tomatoes and basil, it's simple, yet effective at being utterly delicious. And if you're still not convinced? There are plenty of things it goes well with on the menu, like good old garlic bread. Cheese, veggies and carbs... you really can't go wrong!

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Everyone loves a good Italian takeaway, which is lucky, because we've got plenty to choose from here on Deliveroo.

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