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It's Not Just About the Best Sushi – Try Some New Asian Dishes

Trendy Asian dishes your tastebuds deserve to try!

Here in Britain we've always welcomed new foods from different cuisines and cultures with our arms wide open. If someone, somewhere is cooking up something new, it won't be long before it takes a hold in British cities. Perhaps it's down to living in such a multicultural society today. Whatever the reasons, we're lucky to be surrounded by a huge variety of foods and food fusions. We can get the best sushi and sashimi, the tastiest kimchi, the crispiest stir fries. But if you think you've already had the best Asian food London has to offer, take a look at some of the latest twists on old favourites in Asian cuisine. These dishes might knock even the best sushi off the top spot!

1. Sushi Burrito

Love burritos but have a hankering for the best sushi dishes too? Believe it or not, you haven't just dreamt an impossible dream – this fusion dish has already been invented and honed to perfection by the guys at The Duck House. Their Sushi Burrito is loaded with king prawn, salmon and tuna, as well as salad, edamame beans and wasabi mayo to give it a kick! One mouthful and you'll be hooked!

2. Spicy Pork Bokum

While we might have all grown up eating Chinese food, Korean cooking hasn't been around in the UK for that long. It's definitely trending here now, though. Bokum is the Korean version of stir-fry – cooked in only a little liquid, so it's great for those times you want sticky rather than stew-like Asian food! Gooi Nara's Pork Bokum is seasoned and marinated in soy, then pan-fried with vegetables. Take your pick of rice or noodle dishes to go with and let the spicy tang of temptation take over.

3. Smoky Chipotle Tuna Temaki

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Anyone who loves Japanese sushi is often drawn to the subtlety of its flavours. Mix that with the loud and colourful character of Brazil and you get Brazilian Sushi – less about the subtlety, but perhaps even more about the flavour. Yoobi is a restaurant who takes inspiration from the Japanese community in Brazil. It's an original idea and boy does it pay off! Try their Smoky Chipotle Tuna Temaki to see what we mean – it's a hand roll of sushi, sauce and rice, all wrapped up in a seaweed cone to produce something unique and intense with a Latin kick.

4. Arrozcaldo Special

Perhaps it's time for Filipino cooking to take centre stage as this year's Asian food trend? The Arrozcaldo Special at the Manila Kitchen is a dish that has to be tried. It's a chicken rice porridge that's got an array of toppings including deep-fried pork belly pieces, tofu, pork crackling and boiled egg. If you find the idea of porridge for dinner a bit strange, don't think about Quaker Oats – this is Filipino-style porridge!

So what's it to be? A bowl of Filipino savoury porridge or the best sushi burrito in town? Place your order for a trendy Asian dish now with Deliveroo!

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