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  2. Some of our favourite versions of London’s biggest food craze - Poké!
London’s biggest food craze - Poké!

Some of our favourite versions of London’s biggest food craze - Poké!

Poké bowls - mouthwatering Hawaiian dishes that blend sushi, ceviche and island flavours - have taken the UK by storm. This is Hawaii's coolest contribution to UK cuisine since pineapple on pizza and it's proving to be much less divisive. People love them!

Poké restaurants are popping up all over London, bringing their sumptuously fresh creations to the public. Whether you're already a devotee, or looking to try some of the more exciting and intriguing corners of Asian cuisine, we've rounded up some of our favourite dishes from some of our favourite poké spots.

1. Oahu Bowl

Alright, let's start with something absolutely classic. The good folks at Ahi Poké have brought us the Oahu Bowl. If you want to dip your taste buds into the poké pond, this dish is for you. With a base of brown rice, coriander, carrot, radish, and red onion, this bowl is bursting with flavours for the sushi-lover. The star of the show is Ahi's raw tuna, perfectly prepared and served so fresh you can taste that Hawaiian sunshine in every bite!

2. Beef Tataki Poké

With its strong sushi influences, you might think poké is only for seafood-lovers. Well, worry not, devotees of delicious meats, poké can also contain beef. The Black Roe Poké Bar & Grill  are bringing you exactly that. Drizzled with roasted sesame soy sauce, nestled among a crisp salad, the Tataki Beef Poké Bowl brings a burst of rich flavour to the party, truly complementing the salty, earthiness of the in-house soy sauce.

3. Classic Ahi

This is one of our hands-down favourites. The talented chefs at Island Poké, in Soho, have brought together all the classic poké flavours: fresh ahi tuna, the sweet and savoury shoyu sauce, a refreshing pineapple salsa and crisp spring onions. What elevates this poké bowl from good to one of London's greatest, is the gorgeously smoky, crispy shallots and the deep, salty tang of their in-house wakame seaweed.

4. Okinawa Green

While a lot of poké is centred around beef and fish, there are a ton of options for the vegetarians and vegans out there. The Okinawa Green Poké Bowl is a charming little creation from the brilliant minds at Tombo Poké in Soho. Packed with flavoursome sesame soy fried tofu, and topped with hijiki and goma wakame seaweed salad for that traditional Japanese umami taste, the Okinawa Green is great when paired with one of Tombo's signature matcha beverages.

So what are you waiting for, sushi lovers? Treat yourself to some of London's most exciting new cuisine using Deliveroo today!

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