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Most Ordered Deliveroo Dishes Around the Globe

5 of the most-ordered Deliveroo dishes around the globe

Today's takeaway has got style. Once a can't-be-bothered-to-cook-let's-order-another-korma affair, getting your food at home is now a world away from ordering from the closest Indian or Chinese place around the corner.

Eating in is now every bit as fancy pants as eating out – only with the added bonus of being able to shun your fancy pants for your PJs. And it's not just us lot in the UK who have gone gourmet with our takeaway.  Here are five of Deliveroo's most-ordered dishes from around the globe.

1. UK: Classic Burger, Tommi's Burger Joint

You'll probably not be surprised to see that we're a nation of burger lovers. Once a simple meat-patty-slapped-between-a-bread-bun, the trendy burgers of 2017 are towering creations of epic proportions. And while there are some genius flavour combinations out there, sometimes you can't beat a classic – a prime beef burger with tomato, lettuce, red onion, and the holy trinity of ketchup, mustard and mayo. Tommi, we salute you.

Where: Tommi's Burger Joint, six locations in London

2. Netherlands: Full Rack of Ribs, Braai

The Dutch folk have gone full-on carnivore and ordered this full rack of ribs more than anything else on the menu. Braai is all about badass barbecue food, fired-up on South African coals. This rack of ribs has been slow cooked for six hours, so the tender and juicy meat just falls off the bone. Release your inner caveman.

Where: Braai, two locations in Amsterdam

3. Belgium: Dim Sum Assortment, Lucy Chang

In Belgium, it's all about the dim sum. These bite-sized tasty morsels are packed full of aromatic, fragrant herbs and spices, and Lucy Chang honours tradition by cooking them in small steamer baskets, for truly authentic Chinese flavours. They come in portions of six, and there's a variety of succulent meat fillings, seafood options and vegetarian creations, with some sweet yet sour dipping sauces, for that umami hit.

Where: Lucy Chang, locations in Antwerp and Ghent

4. Singapore: Pollo Asado burrito, Munchachos

The edgy burrito bar boom has travelled far and wide, and Muchachos serves up classic Mexican street food with a trendy San Franciscan twist. The Pollo Asado is top of the list in Singapore, and you can pimp it up as you please, by choosing from pinto, black or refried beans to accompany the chicken, and having your salsa as spicy as you can take it – salsa verde, salsa roja, or hardcore habanero for the spice fiends.

Where: Muchachos, locations in Chinatown and Katong

5. Italy: Daruma Roll from Daruma Sushi

With the raw fish myth busted and relaxed sushi bars popping up on every corner, sushi's popularity is soaring. Though a world away from its native hearty cuisine, Italy can't get enough of sushi, and the Daruma Roll wins the race for most-ordered Deliveroo dish. It's healthy, zen and super-stylish, made with salmon and universally-adored avocado, rolled in panko and deep-fried. It's a superfood heaven, with a side of mischief.

Where: Daruma Sushi, six locations in Rome

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