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  2. UK ice cream orders are up – even as the temperature drops
UK ice cream orders are up – even as the temperature drops

UK ice cream orders are up – even as the temperature drops

Have you had your first ice cream of the year yet?

It seems even the latest cold spell won't stop us Brits ordering our favourite frozen dessert as soon as British Summer Time begins. Deliveroo data has revealed that orders of ice cream increased by almost 40% this year as British Summer Time started – despite the Met Office reporting a country-wide drop in temperature of 7 degrees from last week!

And the recent upsurge in orders isn't an ice-olated occurrence! Whilst ice cream orders often spike when the sun is shining, it seems Brits are increasingly enjoying a frozen treat as part of a night in on the sofa - whatever the weather.

But whilst we might all scream for ice cream, there's still a hot debate over which is the country's favourite flavour: Oxford favours a Magnum White Chocolate, whilst Bristol's favourite is Phish Food by Ben and Jerry's – and Birmingham's top choice is a dairy-free version of Ben and Jerry's Chocolate Fudge Brownie.

Plus, it seems Deliveroo customers in the North are more likely to enjoy a frozen dessert despite the chill – with Glaswegians proving the biggest cold weather ice cream fans, whilst Exeter residents are the least likely to indulge until temperatures rise in early May.

In honour of us Brits enjoying our ice cream from Deliveroo whatever the weather, we've partnered with The Ice Cream Store and created a one-of-a-kind bicycle that plays that oh-so-familiar familiar ice-cream van tune when delivering orders!

So make sure you keep an ear out when ordering your favourite flavour on Deliveroo.

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