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  2. Hygge: five cosy tips for chilling like the Danish
Hygge: five cosy tips for chilling like the Danish

Hygge: five cosy tips for chilling like the Danish

If you haven't heard of hygge yet, where have you been? It's basically the Danish art of cosiness, and it involves all of the best bits of staying in.

We spoke to Jacqueline Skött of London's only Danish restaurant, Snaps & Rye, to get the lowdown on 'hygge', plus their recipe for the ultimate hot chocolate.

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So what does 'hygge' mean?

The closest word to 'hygge' in English is 'cosy', but according to Jacqueline, that doesn't quite cover it. "It's about being in a chilled, happy place – more in terms of atmosphere than physical surroundings – a place that evokes all your senses and is completely comfortable.

"'Hygge' is typically social – when you get together over amazing food with friends – but you can experience 'hygge' on your own, too."

How to get 'hygge'

Ready to give 'hygge' a try? Here are five ways to make your night in perfectly 'hyggelig':

1. Get settled in

Number one rule of 'hygge'? Get cosy. We're talking pillows, blankets, bed socks, your favourite dinosaur onesie… whatever it takes to make you feel like you're just another toasted marshmallow, sitting on a cloud.

2. Dim the lights

Get in the spirit of 'hygge' with some mood lighting. Make your space a bit romantic, you can even light a few candles or an incense to really set the vibe.

At Snaps & Rye, it's the little details that create a 'hyggelig' vibe – candlelight, blankets on chairs and pops of colour.

3. Invite your favourite people

Although it can be enjoyed alone, 'hygge' is best served with friends. Gather together the people that make you happy, put you at ease and won't cheat at Monopoly.

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4. Prepare the banquet (and the hot chocolate!)

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Cooking and sharing delicious, wholesome food is what makes 'hygge', 'hygge'. Plus no cosy night in would be complete without a comfortable mug of hot chocolate. Luckily, Snaps & Rye shared the recipe for their signature liquorice hot chocolate.

You'll need:

  • Good quality hot chocolate powder
  • Liquorice syrup
  • Hot milk (full fat)
  • Spray cream
  • Liquorice powder

1. Put a large teaspoon of hot chocolate powder and 1 teaspoon liquorice syrup into a mug and blend to a paste with a bit of the hot milk.

2. Fill mug with hot milk whist stirring.

3. Top with spray cream and a dusting of liquorice powder.

And there you have it, a mug of 'hygge'!

5. Say no to drama

The best bit about 'hygge' is that you can go at your own pace. Nobody is in a rush. So chill your boots – take a bath if you want, have a nap, put the kettle on for the 10th time… enjoy it.

Need an excuse for a 'hyggelig' night in? Try our excuse generator. And seeing as you're not going anywhere, find yourself a stay-at-home feast while you're at it.

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