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How can food make your employees more productive?

How can food make your employees more productive?

With work days being longer and busier, you are probably wondering how you and your team can remain productive. Scientists at Brigham Young University in the US revealed that employees with unhealthy diets were 66% more likely to report a productivity loss than healthy eaters*. Food is key to increase or maintain your productivity throughout the day. Eating the right food at the right time is essential to give you the fuel you need for your hectic work day.

Here are four tips to eat your way to a more productive workday:

Don't skip breakfast!

It is important to not start the workday on an empty stomach. Kickstart your day with a substantial meal: proteins and carbohydrates (eggs and whole wheat toast are usually a safe bet). Beware that caffeine is good for your productivity and to beat the fatigue, but should be consumed in moderation to avoid interference with your sleep cycle.

Eat small and frequent meals

Don't go too heavy on your three meals a day and prefer light meals with regular healthy snacks such as fruit. It's important to keep your blood sugar level steady to help avoid any drop that may cause your productivity to decrease.

Snacks? Yes, but the right ones

Snacks are not necessarily bad, they can help you get that extra boost you need when the fatigue kicks in. However, instead of turning to sweets or bags of chips, reach for those options instead:

  • Almonds to increase focus
  • Eggs to improve memory and speed up time reaction times
  • Bananas, full of glucose to help you stay focused for the whole day
  • Dark chocolate to improve your performances and relieve stress and anxiety


It might seem like an obvious one, but studies found that the average person in the UK only drinks 1.7 litres per day which is well below the 2.5 (for men) and 2.0 (for women) that is recommended. Our brains are about 70% water, therefore, not being adequately hydrated can affect your wellbeing and productivity. You should always have a glass or bottle of water at your reach.

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* Source - https://news.byu.edu/news/poor-employee-health-means-slacking-job-business-losses

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