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Hong Kong Style Chinese Dishes To Celebrate The Dragon Boat Race

Top 5 dishes to help you celebrate the Hong Kong Dragon Boat Race

One of the most popular events in Chinese culture, the Tuen Ng Festival – or the Dragon Boat Festival – is celebrated far and wide. Traditionally it's all about dumplings, realgar wine and – you guessed it – watching dragon boats. People all over the world tune in to get in on the fun, and if you're one of them and you'd like to get into the spirit of things on 30th May – and the heated international championships taking place 2-4th June – then HK dishes are the way to go. We've rounded up some of the top dishes to help you to party, Hong Kong style.

1. Seafood Noodle Soup, HK Noodles

The guys here are passionate about bringing the most popular Hong Kong dishes to the people of London, in the form of healthy, authentic and awesome home cooking. We can't get enough of their seafood noodle soup – aside from the fresh king prawns, soft squid, mussels and crabsticks, you'll get the subtle flavours of pak choi and Chinese spices.

Where: HK Noodles, London

2. Hong Kong Style Ja Jang Noodles, Hong Kong Fusion

Fusion food is at the heart of Hong Kong cuisine – so this dish was invented by a Chinese immigrant to Korea, but is popular across much of the Far East. Soft minced pork is marinated in a soy sauce and corn flour mix, before being added to a pan and mixed into a concoction of sweet and spicy ingredients. Served up with some fresh noodles, this hearty dish is perfect for any occasion.

Where: Hong Kong Fusion, Cambridge

3. Char siu bun, The Duck and Rice

If you prefer to keep your food simple, but you'd like a twist of Hong Kong to your traditional fare, look no further than the Duck and Rice. They cook all the classic Chinese favourites that you'll know and love, and one dish that's bound to capture your attention is the mouth-watering char siu bao. This southern Chinese specialty is a bun stuffed with roast pork, and steamed to a fluffy finish.

Where: The Duck and Rice, London

4. Bubble tea, Bubble Tea Café

Originating in Taiwan, bubble tea quickly became a mainstay of the Hong Kong foodie scene. Everyone from teenagers to businessmen would stop by cafes to grab a cup filled with sweet tea and chewy tapioca pearls. Bubble Tea Café serve up a huge range of flavours – from purple taro milk tea or mocha to peach fruit tea. Grab some straws and get slurping.

Where: Bubble Tea Café, Leeds

5. Dim Sum, The Mandarin Chinese Restaurant

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The Chinese have been feasting on dim sum for many generations, so it's the perfect accompaniment to this year's Dragon Boat Festival celebrations. Whether soft, steamed pork buns, a deep-fried delight packed with cuttlefish, or a rice roll overflowing with prawns, there's a dish here to suit every pal attending your party.

Where: The Mandarin Chinese Restaurant, Nottingham

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