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Healthy Eating Resolutions You Can Stick To

5 healthy eating resolutions you can actually stick to

According to a YouGov survey, 30% of us make new year's resolutions about healthy eating, but only 10% actually stick to the resolutions we set. Rather than setting yourself up to fail with unrealistic overhauls and fad diets, kick-start your year with smaller, more achievable healthy tweaks instead.

We asked a few of our healthy restaurant friends for some tips that we can all fit into our lives, like investing in a good reusable water bottle to make drinking enough water as convenient as possible (thanks Farmstand!). Read on to see what else our restaurants recommend when it comes to healthy eating.

And don't forget, it's easy to find healthy dishes on Deliveroo – just hit the 'healthy food' option when browsing restaurants.

1. Eat nutrient-packed foods like salmon, spinach and sweet potatoes


Is snacking your Achilles heel when it comes to healthy eating? Organic plant-based cafe, Rawligion, has a tip for you.

"To stop you reaching for bad snacks an hour or two after eating, pack nutrient-dense foods into your meals. They'll keep you satisfied for longer."

2. Make soup your new best friend


When it's minus five degrees outside and pitch black by 4pm, we all want comfort food.

But steer clear of the spag bol by turning to a silky soup instead. Try this super-green spirulina soup recipe from Notting Hill vegetarian restaurant, Farmacy. It's a brilliant way to turn those sad green veggies hiding at the back of the fridge into something special.

3. Pick a different healthy food every week


"Whether you're cooking at home, ordering in or eating out, make healthy eating more fun by picking a food you've never tried. The more you learn about different food, the more you'll want to experiment."

That's the advice of The Skinny Kitchen. Based in Bournemouth, Canterbury, Belfast and Ibiza, their menu is packed with fitness-inspired foods, (and even includes burgers).

4. Rehydrate with a post-party season juice


Swap your usual morning OJ for a cold-pressed juice or tonic. The juice pros at Press London explain why.

"A juice packed full of activated charcoal – like our Greenhouse 3 or Detox Tonic – will make sure you start your day with an energy boost."

5. Find out what works for you


Healthy joint Farmstand suggests you don't necessarily jump on the latest healthy eating trend.

"While limiting gluten intake might work for some people, others may feel better eating less meat, or a bigger breakfast. Take the time to find out what your body prefers."

Need a little more healthy eating inspiration? Find delicious and nutritious dishes on Deliveroo now – just search 'healthy food' when browsing restaurants.

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