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  2. The UK's most natural and healthy foods to make you feel good this summer
The UK's most natural, healthy foods to keep you feeling fine

The UK's most natural and healthy foods to make you feel good this summer

We all have an ambition to stay healthy, but it's certainly easier-said-than-done when it comes to sticking with those tough lifestyle choices. Particularly if you're a vegetarian and supporting a cruelty-free lifestyle, it can be tricky maintaining a good balance and avoiding spiralling into an unhealthy carb-filled diet. Here to save the day, we've got a special trick to help you ease into healthier meal choices: stick with these major superfoods throughout your day and you're almost guaranteed to hit your target by summertime.

Find the food group your diet lacks the most, and we'll help you find the UK's most delicious dishes packed with everything you need. As for all you newbies out there, just start off with these three incredibly nutritious superfoods and watch your energy, morale and healthy lifestyle begin to bloom.

1. Ginger

Ginger is a root herb known to have incredible health benefits, as it's packed with antioxidants, anti-inflammatory properties, and is a wonderful aid to the digestive system overall. Sometimes switching up your diet can be a bit hard on your stomach, but luckily for you, upping your ginger intake would help battle any indigestion and keep that nausea at bay.

There's no better way to give yourself a boost than with Vital Ingredient's Vegan Immunity Kicker Salad Bowl. Tease your friends with this deliciously flavoured bowl packed with smoked tofu, crunchy carrot, beetroot, pomegranate, flax seeds and fresh aromatic herbs. This super mix is tossed with coleslaw, sliced apple, and generously sprinkled with shredded ginger before being smothered in an aromatic carrot and ginger dressing. With such healthy ingredients, you might want to order this one on the daily!

2. Turmeric

Another essential ingredient to keep in mind and keep your immune system in tip-top shape is none other than turmeric. A great source of antioxidants and anti-inflammatory benefits, turmeric is also a great fighter against viral infections. Next time you're feeling under the weather check out some of Egg Break's fantastic Citrus House Press Juice and indulge in this natural healer.

This freshly squeezed smoothie includes grapefruit, orange and lemon juice and is generously sprinkled with turmeric and cayenne. A nice tofu salad would go perfectly with this sweet yet spicy drink.

3. Super Greens

Getting in that daily dose of superfoods can be pretty hard, even for most vegans. Although it might seem easier to stuff ourselves with carbs and grains that keep us feeling full, this habit runs the risk of cutting out those much-needed veggies loaded with fibre, vitamins and minerals to keep your energy levels pumping. Adding a few more greens to your meals can do you wonders.

If you're looking for a heartier green meal, check out the signature Sushimania Salad from Sushimania and you won't be disappointed. This exotic salad features creamy avocado, crunchy seasonal veggies lavished with aromatic herbs and Sushimania's special homemade dressing. Who could ask for more?

4. Edamame

Nibble your way to a healthier lifestyle with Pan Pan's bowl of sea-salted edamame. This incredibly popular green snack is tasty, fun, and perfect for munching on any time of the day. If you're looking for more Asian-inspired green goodies, check out Pan Pan's East Asian favourites, like their spicy kimchi or seaweed salad for the perfect route towards a greener diet.

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