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Happy Fries Day

Happy Fries Day

Fries — if burgers were Batman, these crispy little sticks of wonder would be Robin. But in honour of Fries Day on 13th July, the humble chip is no longer the trusty sidekick to your main dish, because we're celebrating all things potato. Curly, chunky or French, here are some of our favourite fries that you can find on Deliveroo.

Skinny fries


French fries have just got that je ne sais quoi. Crispy, salty and perfect when paired with a burger or hot dog, they're what you just can't help going back to even when you're too full to finish your main. These timeless beauties are also a foundation for chilli, cheese and endless toppings that turn the unassuming spud into the main event.

Where can you get skinny fry perfection? Try Tommi's Burger Joint, where you'll be able to grab a handful of the most popular fries on Deliveroo in the UK. 

Loaded fries


Some artists work on paper, others use chips as their canvas. Loaded fries are a masterpiece of creative flavour combinations. Just take MEATliquor's mountainous fries for example, like Buffalo Fries and Green Chili Cheese Fries. These colossal dishes are some of the UK's chips of choice, with MEATliquor ranked second in our leaderboard of the most popular fries on Deliveroo.

Double or triple cooked


They're like the chunky chip's posh cousin. These luxurious fries – sometimes cooked up in goose or duck fat for extra crispiness – showcase the spud's true potential. A chip this good can even give a good burger a run for its money, with their pillowy middle and crunchy outer shell.

Because your burger deserves an equally fine fry, sample Gourmet Burger Kitchen's skin-on variety, for a double-cooked chip that's the UK's third most ordered on Deliveroo.

Chunky chips

The grandaddy of the chip, these classics are the fluffy fried friends that your fish and chips simply wouldn't exist without. They're dunkable, durable and can withstand lashings of mushy peas or your choice of sauce.

For the epitome of traditional chips, Kennedy's is the one for you, and the UK's fourth favourite chip on Deliveroo.

Curly fries


Celebrate your curves. The curly fry is the chip we can all relate to — they come in varying shapes and sizes, but they're all equally amazing on the inside. Plus, with these springy and lightly spiced fries, you can ignore that rule about not playing with your food, these are made to be bounced.

Potato wedges

Like a chip and roast potato hybrid, the wedge is a wonder for dipping, with it's crisp exterior and soft centre. These mouthfuls are best mates with a pot of mayo or ketchup, and their lightly seasoned skin means you'll never get a dull spud.

Sweet potato fries

A firm favourite with the health conscious, sweet potato fries deliver your complex carbs with all the crunch of a chip. Sweet and salty, these perfectly balanced bites have become a big hit over the last few years, and are great for shaking up your sides when you fancy a bit of a change.

But if you like your sweet potato fries with a bit more punch, BRGR serves up the UK's fifth favourite chip and a whole host of fries made from sweet spuds, like their rosemary salt and parmesan variety.

Waffle fries

Fries are great, but don't you just wish you could join them all together to make one super chip? Enter waffle fries! These criss cross chips are a throwback to those potato waffles you loved as a kid, but there's more of them and you can get away with having them with a huge hot dog – that would never fly when you were five.

Tater tots


Bring in tater tots to the Deliveroo office and it's like Christmas has come early. Fried on the outside, encasing a cloud-like potato middle, these spuds are a showstopper, no matter what you're eating them with. Dive them into a dish of aioli, and you'll completely forget what else you ordered. They're also a must-try with a glass of champagne.

Crinkle cut

When you want a well seasoned chip, whether you're a salt shaker or fancy a bit of spice on your fries, you need to go for the crinkle cut. These edgy little numbers are nifty at collecting all that delicious seasoning in the grooves. And if you're a chips and gravy fanatic, this should be your go-to fry when you don't want to waste a drop of that rich, meaty goodness.

In the mood for crinkle cut chips with your food? Then you need to check out Archies — the creators of the ninth most popular chip in the UK.

Make everyday a fry day, find your favourites on Deliveroo.

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