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The Best Hangover Food in the UK

Best hangover food: 5 dishes to save the day

The morning after the night before, we don't even want to get out of bed, let alone drag ourselves down to the greasy spoon. Now with Deliveroo, you don't have to, because we're ready and waiting to deliver some of the world's best hangover busters right to your front door. Without further ado, here are five dishes guaranteed to cure your hangover and ease you (very, very gently) into the morning:

Bacon & Cheese ½ lb, Kua 'Aina

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Lava-grilled burgers sound good, don't they? Not too sure what it actually means, but if anything's going to shake a hangover, a big fat lava-grilled burger from the heroes at Kua 'Aina ought to do the trick. The bacon and cheese ½ lb is our personal choice. It's smoky, juicy comfort food at its very best. Kua 'Aina is a big favourite of Barack Obama when he's visiting his home state of Hawaii. We like to think of the POTUS, still reeling from a heavy night, tucking into a fat old burger in his PJs. Alright, maybe it didn't happen, but it makes us feel better, okay?

The Soho Full English, Balans Soho Society

For an all-out assault on a hangover, Balans Soho Society's Full English is our dish of choice. The Full English needs no introduction, right? Well, this is a Full English on steroids. Take thick and juicy Cumberland sausage and crispy bacon, add a healthy dose of field mushrooms and tomatoes, a few Balans potatoes, toast on the side and two eggs (any way you want them) and you've got the ultimate hangover buster. Put your tired little head back and wait for Deliveroo to come and save the day!

Venison Burger, Albion

You shouldn't have to eat a bad burger when you're hungover. At Albion, that's never going to be a problem. Their venison burger is the perfect thing to get stuck into when you're feeling fragile. A rich combination of treacle bacon, a mouth-watering venison cut, fermented cabbage and chips – it's no wonder your hangover is running scared.

Eggs Royale, Carluccio's

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Carluccio's tackles hangovers the old fashioned way – eggs, eggs and more eggs. Send that headache packing as you feast yourself on their deliriously tasty eggs royale, featuring smoked salmon, toasted Italian bread, poached eggs and a deep, rich hollandaise sauce. It's healthy, nutritious, and a perfect pick-me-up to get you through the morning.

Breakfast Panini, Rosetta Farm

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Rosetta Farm's scrumptious breakfast panini is packed full of the good stuff. You only have to take one bite to understand why it's so highly rated among the capital's partygoers. Oozing with egg, fontina cheese, pancetta, mushrooms and tomatoes, it's a surefire way of beating the hangover from hell. Best of all, it's served until 12:00pm, so you don't have to worry about waking up a little late to get your hands on one. Plenty of time for a lie in!

Overdid it last night? Deliveroo's here to save the day and break-your-fast, as well as your hangover!

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