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  2. More restaurants, more towns and cities, more amazing food
More restaurants, more towns and cities, more amazing food

More restaurants, more towns and cities, more amazing food

We're excited to announce the launch of Marketplace+

This new service will mean restaurants who do their own delivery will be available on the platform for the first time. Crucially, these restaurants will be able to fulfil orders using Deliveroo riders as well as their own. More restaurants, more choice, better service.

As a result, 5,000 more restaurants will soon be available to Deliveroo customers and we will expand to 50 new towns and cities across the UK.

Marketplace+ will mean more restaurants, more selection on offer, a wider range of prices and even better delivery times for customers.

Our expansion will see 6 million households able to enjoy Deliveroo for the first time.

This announcement will be a major boost for small restaurants across the country, who will be able to reach more customers and grow their businesses because they will be able to offer extended delivery services to even more people. And this will mean more opportunities for Deliveroo riders to earn.

Here's how Marketplace+ will work:

  • From July, restaurants who make deliveries with their own riders will be available on Deliveroo for the first time
  • As well as fulfilling orders using their own riders, these restaurants will be able to use either Deliveroo's existing 15,000 riders
  • This will mean restaurants can meet more orders at busy times, speed up delivery, and extend the times where they can offer delivery
  • And it will see a 50% increase in the number of restaurants Deliveroo work with – from 10,000 to 15,000.

Will Shu, Deliveroo's founder and first ever rider:

"Today we are unveiling the next big step in our plan to offer customers an even greater choice of restaurants, at a greater range of prices while continually improving service.

"It will mean thousands of new restaurants delivering new orders to new customers and it's part of our mission to become the definitive food company."

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