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  2. Corporate Summer Parties 2.0 - How to create the ultimate food experience at the workplace (Q&A)
Corporate Summer Parties 2.0 - How to create the ultimate food experience at the workplace (Q&A)

Corporate Summer Parties 2.0 - How to create the ultimate food experience at the workplace (Q&A)

Interviewer: Hey Eilish, good to have you back! We really enjoyed your tips on Christmas Parties last time, now that summer is coming, most of our customers are preparing their corporate summer party. Could you tell us why are Summer Parties an important yearly milestone for the companies?

E.M: Events for the office are important no matter what time of year it is. It's a great way for staff to socialise with other employees beyond their immediate team. Companies often focus on Christmas Parties, however, Summer Parties are perfect to get everyone together before summer holidays and to celebrate the first half of the year. Also, who doesn't want to celebrate the sun?

Interviewer: Summer parties are a great way to show employees appreciation for their hard work and try to reward them, any new idea or trend you would like to share?

E.M: London's food scene is so vibrant with many new, exciting concepts and restaurants. Luckily, we have a fantastic selection on Deliveroo, which is constantly evolving and expanding. One trend we've seen is the increase in corporate clients wanting pop-up restaurants in their office or on their roof terrace, which we can organise with our restaurant partners or catering partners.  

Interviewer: You've organised many corporates events of all sizes, what do you see people struggling with in general? How is Deliveroo for Business able to help in removing those pain points?

E.M: Before Deliveroo, offices had a limited choice of caterers offering traditional, restricted options. Now we have a full catering team who creates bespoke menus and bring exciting ideas to the table (or even your desk!). We use our extensive list of restaurants and excellent catering partners to provide the best, most delicious ways to treat dedicated employees.

We take care of the end to end process from idea brainstorming and menu creation to liaising with vendors and ensuring a reliable delivery. We can even provide staff on the day to help unpack and serve, which means everything is handled by us, taking the stress away from our corporate clients.

Interviewer: Could you describe your dream Summer Party?

E.M: I have to say our Deliveroo Summer Party last year was a personal favourite. We had a pop-up bar with creatively selected cocktails and delicious canapés. This was followed with deliveries from some of our favourite restaurants in the City - burgers, chicken, sushi, you name it! This was all presented buffet style, making it very easy for employees to select what they wanted.

Interviewer: One last word?

E.M: We've started to help our clients prepare and plan their Summer Parties and we've already got some fantastic ideas coming together. With our expanding team, we're here to help plan many more, so please get in touch with your account manager to speak to one of our team. We can't ensure the sunshine but we can make sure your Summer Party is one to remember (dependent on alcohol consumption)!

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