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The Comeback Kid: Cornflake Cakes Across the UK

The Comeback Kid: Cornflake Cakes Remind Us of Glorious School Days

Paris does fine pastry, the Middle East has baklava, Austria has strudel and the UK has cornflake cakes. Your mum would make them with you and it's still the only passable thing you can bake, but the humble cornflake cake is back with a vengeance, and it has brought Nutella with it. If you don't fancy the rigamarole of having to melt the chocolate and stir it into the cornflakes, here are some delicious desserts which might just inspire you:

1. My Dessert - Stoke on Trent

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When you fancy something naughty, it doesn't have to be a burger, it could be a sugary, chocolatey delight that you can curl up and eat in front of your favourite TV show. My Dessert has you covered whether you fancy an ice cream or an old-school traybake. Alongside their chocolate cornflake bake, they also have that nostalgic favourite: Chocolate cornflake cake. For a Nutella fix, try the "I shouldn't but I will" crepe, with strawberries, Nutella and vanilla ice cream. It's one of your five a day, right?

2. De Melo - Middlesbrough

De Melo keep the cornflake cake humble with their take on the dessert. Their cornflake tart and custard is one of their six warming puddings keeping you cosy and reminding you of easier days at school. However, at De Melo, indulgence has never felt so grown up. Check out their range of shakes for example.The rainbow masterpieces are totally on trend and even topped with your favourite ice cream, but there's something about it that says, "Yeah, I've got my life together, and I can eat dessert for breakfast if I want!"

3. My Lahore - Birmingham

My Lahore is better known for their Asian and Asian-inspired cuisine. However, once you haveeaten your way through the incredible menu, which includes traditional curries alongside burgers there is a huge dessert selection. You could choose a traditional Asian dessert, such as Falooda, which is noodles with rose syrup, basil seeds and served with ice cream, or go with a cornflake tart with either vanilla or chocolate custard.

4. Cake City - Nottingham

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Forget Rack City, because Cake City is where it's at. The Nottingham bakery specialises in occasion cakes made to order, but also serves desserts to eat in or take away. They love cookie dough and have several varieties, including a Rolo version, and if that wasn't enough you can also create your own. You guessed it, they also serve a mean cornflake cake. Cornflake cake cookie dough anyone?

5. Kings Treats - Manchester

Kings Treats are Manchester's go-to venue for any sweet tooth. They have an "Old School Puddings" menu, which includes a deconstructed cornflake cake, which has a layer of chocolate at the bottom and a pool of custard around it. Once you've sampled that, why not try one of their rainbow cakes, or a colourful gelato ice cream such as the bright blue and purple Millions Gelato.

If we've tickled your sweet tooth, chances are that the retro revolution has ensured that there is a cornflake cake outlet near you. For more sweet treats, check out Deliveroo. 

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