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Charcoal Dishes – Deliciously Dark Foods on Deliveroo

Charcoal dishes – deliciously dark foods on Deliveroo

Are you so over the rainbow trend? We've got the darkest, moodiest foods that you can order on Deliveroo. To celebrate Bonfire Night, check out these charcoal dishes and drinks that you can order in.

Detox cold pressed juice – The Garden, Manchester

Drama queens and kings on a health-kick, this is the cold pressed juice for you. To create this theatrical thirst-quencher, The Garden mixes alkaline water with lemon, Himalayan pink salt, maple syrup and activated charcoal, which gives this glassful a glossy black finish, and it's said to boost your digestive system.

Vegetable Charcoal pizza dough – Zia Lucia, London

Gothic gourmets, your pizza prayers have been answered. You can give any Zia Lucia pizza, from their classic Margherita to a Mariona, a moody makeover – just pick your topping then choose which base you want. To get this dough extra dark, they add vegetable charcoal to the mix, which gives it that Instagram-friendly look and distinctive flavour.

Avocado on Charcoal – Daisy Green, London

The Dark Side needs brunch too. When you don't want to get up bright and early, Aussie-style restaurant Daisy Green has got your new go-to brunch sorted. It's pitch-black, picture-perfect sourdough, that's been fermented with activated charcoal, topped with creamy avocado, labneh, lime and dukkah made in-house.

Mint Choc Charcoal nut milk shake – PRESS, London

This cup of black magic from PRESS is a thick and tasty blend of almond milk, frozen banana, peanut butter, cacao nibs, cacao powder, peppermint, green blend, and you guessed it, activated charcoal. Think healthy mint choc chip meets Addams' Family chic.

Black Burrata pizza – Crust, Liverpool

For pizza dough as dark as your duvet day after a big night out, get the Black Burrata from Crust. This vegetable charcoal base is the perfect backdrop for a sunny yellow cherry tomato sauce, porcini mushrooms and creamy burrata.

Activated Charcoal H20 – 42 Juice, Brighton

If you live and breathe all things monochrome, 42 Juice's Activated Charcoal H20 is the accessory you never knew you needed until now. Their charcoal is made using coconuts, which they add to alkaline water, and they say it's packed full of helpful detoxifying qualities. Staying hydrated never looked so good.

Welcome to the dark side. Get these extra Instagrammable charcoal dishes on Deliveroo.

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