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  2. Here’s all the vegan junk food you’ve been craving!
Here’s all the vegan junk food you’ve been craving!

Here’s all the vegan junk food you’ve been craving!

Whether a decision to go meat and dairy-free has been ethical or health-based, or even a combination of the two, until now there haven't been that many vegan junk food alternatives. So as the rest of the world has tucked into burgers and kebabs, creamy curries and cheesy pizzas, vegans may have been missing out. But as more and more people make this a lifestyle choice, vegetarian restaurants all over the country are starting to respond by including vegan versions of junk food favourites, as these seven examples prove.

1. Fish N' Chips, By Chloe

They don't quite come wrapped in newspaper but they're a fantastic version from By Chloe of what was surely the country's first fast food. Battered tofu comes with chips, mushy peas and vegan tartare sauce, all just waiting to be doused in those two other essentials, salt and vinegar.

2. Chicken Katsu Curry, Mildreds

If Japanese is your thing, then you'll definitely be interested in one of the most recent offerings from the legendary London veggie restaurant, Mildreds. Apparently, they worked long and hard coming up with the perfect coconut-breaded mock chicken for the dish that's also served with black rice, watermelon radish salad and yuzu dressing.

3. Vegetarian Pita, Hungry Donkey  

If you could eat a horse - obviously, not literally – then Hungry Donkey have the answer. Their Vegetarian Pita is a noble recreation of the doner kebab featuring roasted aubergine, courgettes, mushrooms and onions plus a special roasted pepper dressing. So there's no need at all to ask for extra chilli sauce.

4. Vegan Burrito, Paparrito's  

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Burritos are one of the fast foods in which it's been pretty easy to replace the meat with veggies. Try the Vegan Burrito and you'll see that it works very well with oven-baked tofu, coriander rice, pinto beans, pico de gallo and guacamole. It's also a big hit with customers at Paparrito's making it one of their most popular dishes.

5. Vegetable Korma, Indian Temptation

All the cream in a Korma can make it hard to make a vegan version but at Indian Temptation they've come up with an ingenious solution. By using coconut milk it still achieves the same rich creaminess in an aubergine, squash and snow pea curry.

6. Anna-Loka Rodea Burger, Anna-Loka

Anna-Loka is Sanskrit for "Earth Food" and this focus on natural goodness is what makes this burger so special. A seitan patty comes covered with vegan cheese, onion ring, pickles and BBQ sauce, along with your choice of their World Class Chips or Sweet Potato Fries.

7.  Santa Daniela (Vegan San Daniele), Santa Maria

Finally, let's give pizza a piece of the action with this treat from Santa Maria. It's a tasty and filling feast which uses cream of walnut and soya milk for its sauce and comes with marinated grilled aubergine, rocket, cherry tomatoes and walnuts. Heavenly's the only word for it.

Vegetarian or vegan, we've got the perfect fast food for you. So, let Deliveroo speed it to you.

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