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5 Of The Best Places For Avocado On Toast

5 of the best places to get your avocado on toast

Trendy dishes come and go, but nothing seems to be topping avocado on toast right now. As the perfect breakfast, brunch or even light lunch, the combination of creamy avocado and crunchy toast has become a national phenomenon.

Coming chopped, chunky, sliced or smooth, the way you choose to order your avocado can twist the dish into something new. Topping all kinds of toast from fresh sourdough to soft brioche or rustic doorstops, it's easily tailored and effortless to enjoy. Here are five of our favourite versions from across the UK.

1. Avocado Toast Tartine, Le Pain Quotidien

Avocado in its purest form, mashed up into a spread and flavoured with citrus, cumin and olive oil, smoothed over a crispy sourdough base. The combination is full of healthy fats and is a fave among fitness folk – and the guys at Le Pain Quotidien take this goodness to the next level, topping theirs with super seeds.

Where: Le Pain Quotidien, various locations

2. Avocado Toast, Farm Girl

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Farm Girl's avo toast is one of the most Instagram-friendly on our list. Served up with style, they top the brunch favourite with a sprinkle of ruby pomegranate seeds and a side of strawberries to help with your five-a-day.

Where: Farm Girl, London

3. Smashed Avocado with Bacon, Federal Café

At Federal, take your pick from top-notch toppings – poached eggs come as standard, but pick between slices of delicate smoked salmon or rashers of salty, streaky bacon to finish off your brunch in style.

Where: Federal Café, Manchester

4. Avocado Mash and Salmon, 11 Coffee And Co

The guys at 11 Coffee and Co serve all sorts up with their avocado mash, even dedicating a whole section of their menu to this green delight. Choose from bacon, halloumi, poached eggs or – our favourite – salmon. Spinach, tomato, feta, poached eggs and salmon are bundled onto sourdough toast alongside that famous mash.

Where: 11 Coffee and Co, London

5. Avocado Toast with Poached Egg, Lucha Libre

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If you love the classic, but feeling like something a bit more out there, try Lucha Libre's take on avocado toast and clear out your sinuses. Fans of all things Mexican, the guys here add some heat to this classy brunch, adding lime, chilli and as much Valentina hot sauce as you can handle.

Where: Lucha Libre, Liverpool

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