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  2. Bibimbap. It’s the Korean restaurant sensation that you just have to try
Bibimbap - the Korean sensation you have to try

Bibimbap. It’s the Korean restaurant sensation that you just have to try

Bibimbap might be a little tricky to say but it sure does taste good,  as anyone who's sampled this Korean speciality will tell you. So what is it exactly? Well the clue's in the name. "Bibim" means mixed and "bap" means rice, so traditionally it's a dish that uses rice along with whatever leftovers there are to go with it. But visit almost any Korean restaurant and you'll find that it's certainly not a dish they make with yesterday's meat and veg — it's far too special for that. And the even better news is that it doesn't always have to contain meat either so you'll find it on the menu at lots of vegetarian restaurants too. Make this the year when you become a true bibimbap devotee  - and here are four great versions to start you off.

1. Bibimbab With Spicy Chicken - On the Bab

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Let's start off with this classic from London's On The Bab. It's a great big comforting bowlful of fried rice along with a varied mix of vegetables and it's all topped off with a freshly fried egg. As well as the super spicy chicken which gives it real heat, it's also covered in their special gochujang sauce. This is a thick, glossy and red delight made from chillies, rice and soya beans that's hot, sweet and super delicious too.

2. Bibimbap with Deep Fried Tofu - Oshibi

While there are some great tofu treats out there, few are quite as mouth-wateringly enticing as this one. It's a traditional-style bibimbap, with all the great things you'd expect to find in your bowl but with the addition of deep-fried cubes of bean curd. The plain taste of the tofu really lets all the other flavours sing. And if you'd like a version that's even healthier, Oshibi in York also offer it with steamed tofu instead of deep fried.

3. Beef Bibimbap - Coconut Bar & Kitchen

If you fancy beefing up your bibimbap then the Coconut Bar & Kitchen is definitely the place for you. In their version, there are all the ingredients you need for a a super tasty feast just like they enjoy in Seoul - except you're in Reading! But the real stars of the dish are the tender slices of beef that melt in the mouth. Plus there's also a little fusion action going on thanks to the addition of Japanese-style rice.

4. Bibimbap Bowl with Sautéed King Prawns - Jinjuu

We've not mentioned seafood yet but here it comes in the last of our four selections. Plump king prawns are fried and added to the white rice and seasonal vegetables before being topped with the traditional fried egg. The gochujang sauce is there to give the amazing crustaceans a real chilli kick and we'd say it's pretty close to perfection on a plate. And there's even better news - Jinjuu are also open for extra late night delivery on Thursday, Friday and Saturday.

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