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  2. Finish your meal with beer - why order dessert when you can order a cheeky drink instead?
Craft beer is all the rage - These sweet treats show you why

Finish your meal with beer - why order dessert when you can order a cheeky drink instead?

Sometimes there's nothing more that you want than beer at the end of a long day. We feel the same at the end of a long meal to be honest with you, and the amount of restaurants catering to that these days is just great. While a dessert has traditionally finished dinner off, we all know the feeling when you just absolutely can't. When ordering food, sometimes a few drinks is all you want after you eat for a truly modern cosy night in. But this isn't about getting buzzed. Beer can - and should - be appreciated for its taste. You'll soon see why it's sometimes smart to forego dessert. Just remember to have your ID handy - when you order alcohol from Deliveroo, your driver may ask to check!

1. Strawberry Beer vs Strawberry Cheesecake

When you go through dinner worrying about saving yourself for dessert, you often don't enjoy it so much. Huckleberry's Bar & Grill lets you enjoy a happy medium, giving the sweet stuff you crave without making yourself sick. Lincoln's fave American grill is stocked with great European beers, and the Belgian Timmermans Strawberry is no exception to this. The fresh-strawberry flavoured lambic beer will truly go down a treat enjoyed in the garden on a hot summer's day. They even recommend drinking it paired alongside a chocolate brownie. So what do you know? Perhaps you can have your cake and drink it too!

2. Wild Beer Millionaire vs Millionaire's Shortbread

Millionaire shortbread is nothing short of a miracle, but when you attempt to recreate that in the form of beer, you just know it's going to be truly great. At Bluegrass BBQ in Reading you can order Wild Beer Millionaire, a special that it's surely absolutely impossible to dislike. You're going to love it - specifically designed as a "dessert beer", it's a smooth milk stout which is both sweet and salty as well as moreish and rich. It's then balanced off with roasty malts. Pure perfection - this sure goes down like the treat that it is!

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3. Birra Santa Maria vs Fresh Fruit

Ealing, you're really going to love Santa Maria Pizzeria. After you've happily stuffed yourself up with pizza, cleanse your palate with Birra Santa Maria, a fruity offering that you'll immediately want more of! It goes down like a charm - a refreshingly fruity IPA is often just what you need when it gets warmer outside. Blended with both orange juice and orange zest, you can even convince yourself that it's healthy... sort of. And it's sure tastier than plain old fresh fruit!

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4. Burton Road Pale Ale vs Biscuits

You've been eating biscuits since you were a kid - it's about time you moved onto the grownup stuff. Manchester's Epicurean is all about craft beers, and prides itself on only serving the very best. Burton Road Pale Ale is sweet without being sickly, with a distinct biscuity taste. What's more, it's brewed locally to give it a unique edge. The hard stuff, in this case, is of course incredibly soft, which means it'll go down nicely.

Fancy a cold one? Who can blame you? Grab a beer now from Deliveroo.

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