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Bank Holiday Hangover Dishes

Bank Holiday: 5 dishes to cure any hangover

Whether you opt for a backyard barbecue or your local beer garden over the bank holiday weekend, we know that the last thing on your mind after a heavy night is heading out for brunch. Or even leaving your bed at all, in fact. Luckily, we have the perfect cure for your hangover, delivered straight to your door in just a few clicks. Which one of these top hangover foods takes your fancy?

1. Burritos, Barburrito

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With countless fillings, carbs and flavours that pack a punch, there's not much a burrito can't fix. No matter what you're craving, the expert chefs at Barburrito can help with their wide variety of burrito fillings, from their tortilla stuffed with chargrilled chicken, rice, beans and salsa, to their spicy shredded beef. One of their top choices is the Barburmeato – all the usual burrito trimmings plus chicken, steak, beef, pork and chorizo.

Where: Barburrito, various locations

2. Kimcheese Burger, Byron

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If you're looking for a classic burger but with a new and unusual twist to drive away lingering symptoms, go straight to the experts at Byron Burger – their south-east Asian inspired Kimcheese Burger is the talk of the town. They use a Korean barbecue glaze to make this meat miraculous, topped with bacon, melted Freddar cheese, crispy onions, juicy kimchi cucumbers and spicy Gochuchang sauce.

Where: Byron, various locations

3. Pancake stack, My Old Dutch

If you fancy a classic American breakfast favourite, the pancake stack is your saviour this bank holiday. You could go down the savoury route, where fluffy butterscotch pancakes are topped with crispy bacon strips and over-easy fried eggs, with a pot of maple syrup for dipping. Or, if you just want to indulge yourself over the long weekend, why not treat yourself to a decadent stack of sweet pancakes with Nutella, strawberries and marshmallows piled high?  

Where: My Old Dutch, three locations in London

4. Doner kebab sandwich, German Doner Kebab

Kebabs are no longer just an end-of-night takeaway option, but new healthier versions are also the perfect thing to bring you back from the dead too. German Doner Kebab serve the freshest doner meat in a handy sandwich wrap, packing in all those aromatic flavours alongside fresh lettuce, juicy tomato, red cabbage and signature sauces to cool off your mouth. They're open from noon to deal with all your post-late night cravings.

Where: German Doner Kebab, locations in London, Birmingham and Swansea

5. Pizza Zucca, Basilico

Pizzas are the perfect hangover cure, but these days there's far more on offer in terms of toppings than just pepperoni. Over at Basilico, they regularly create sensational new recipes that will bring the spirit of Italy right into your home with every order. The Pizza Zucca features roasted butternut squash, smoky pancetta and tender chicken, topped with chorizo crumbs and creamy mozzarella. It's salty, savoury and sweet by terms – just what you need on a lazy Monday.

Where: Basilico, various locations in London

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