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8 Of The Best Movie Snacks (Not Popcorn!)

8 of the best movie snacks (not popcorn!)

No movie night is complete without a strong snack game. So ditch the popcorn and opt for awesome food instead – here's our dream list of decadent snacks that'll instantly upgrade your night in.

1. Mac-N-Cheese Balls, Red's True Barbecue

Far too good to be 'just a side dish', the BBQ gods at Red's really have nailed the perfect gooey-on-the-inside, crispy-on-the-outside formula. Just look at that cheesy cross-section – we could stare at these all day.

Where: Shoreditch, Headingley, Leeds, Liverpool, Manchester, Nottingham, Sheffield

2. Phu Quoc Wings, Salvation in Noodles

Napkins at the ready – we've hunted out the most lip-smacking chicken wings in town. With their Vietnamese take on this street food fave, SIN's wings are tossed in fish sauce and fried with garlic until crisp. It makes the whole wing affair even messier, but trust us, it's worth it.

Where: Dulwich, Dalston

3. Fried Pickles & Blue Cheese Dip, MEATliquor

Amen for MEATliquor and their American-inspired delights – we can't thank them enough for bringing the 'frickle' phenomenon to the UK. As restaurant co-owner, Yianni Papoutis, says: "There are very few things in this world that pair as well with a cold beer as a good fried pickle."

Where: Islington, Marylebone, Dulwich, Brighton, Bristol, Leeds

4. Tater Tots, Bubbledogs

A favourite across the pond, tater tots are the cuter cousin of hash browns. The hot-dog-champagne connoisseurs at Bubbledogs sprinkle their tots with togarashi, a Japanese chilli powder, for a more grown-up kick. We'd swap popcorn for a tub of tots any day.

Where: Fitzrovia

5. Chicken Tikka Nuggets, Baba G

Yes, these are nuggets, but not as you know them. Fresh from Baba G's truck tandoor, deliciously spiced chicken strips are served with a tangy tamarind sauce. You'll never eat a regular nugget again.

Where: KERB street food market, Camden, Pop Brixton

6. Thai Calamari, Busaba Eathai

These little beauties have been causing quite a sensation. Glazed with ginger and green peppercorn to bring fragrance and bite to every mouthful, Busaba's signature squid rivals any you'll find in Bangkok. Be warned though – they're incredibly addictive.

Where: London, Manchester and Liverpool

7. Triple Salted Caramel Cheesecake Stack, Black Milk Cereal

Like a turbo-charged ice-cream sundae, Black Milk Cereal's signature shake meets homemade bakes in this towering treat. Piled high with Lotus biscoffs and cheesecake bites, the Salted Caramel Stack is our favourite. Beats digging through the ice-cream tub for hidden cookie dough any day of the week.

Where: Manchester

8. Peanut Butter Berry, Crosstown Doughnuts

Crosstown's take on the classic American peanut butter and jelly sandwich is a square doughnut made with sourdough, topped with homemade blackcurrant compote and finished with a thick peanut butter glaze. Even more impressively, these guys are 'scratch bakers', meaning they hunt out the very best ingredients and make everything in-house from start to glorious finish.

Where: Soho, Spitalfields, Brick Lane, Vauxhall, plus various London retailers

Now the snacks are sorted, all you need is an awesome movie! Order something tasty and get a film on the house from Wuaki every Thursday.

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