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5 Special Treat London Dishes To Order On Deliveroo

5 special-treat London dishes to order on Deliveroo

For date night, a birthday, or just "because", when you're in the mood for something special and you're OK with splashing out, these deliciously indulgent dishes should be your first choice. Here they are, listed as a countdown – from 'worth it just this once' to 'I'm living off toast for the rest of the year' levels of expensive.

5. Cheese Board, La Fromagerie - £32

Our love of cheese runs deep here in the UK, and for the after-dinner finale, cheese always pleases. Even when you fancy a selection to snack on or as a sweet treat substitute, a cheese board can be at your door in a dash. When you order from La Fromagerie, you've got a difficult decision to make. Will you go French, Italian or even British with your cheese choice? All three clock in at £32.

Where: La Fromagerie, Marylebone

4. Churrasco De Lomo, Gaucho - £44

Looking to impress a special someone? When you don't want to cook or you're short on time, a Gaucho order will always do the trick. With three selections of Lomo to choose from, of course you go with the biggest and the best. Marinated in garlic, parsley and a little olive oil, the 400g Churrasco De Lomo is the ultimate meaty indulgence and destined to impress – costing a splurge-worthy £44.

Where: Gaucho, Fitzrovia

3. Four Meal Drive Big, Sticks'n'Sushi - £95

When sushi calls, it really calls. And when you're in the mood for a mammoth selection of the best nigiri and maki imaginable, you drop £95, invite the gang over and order from Sticks'n'Sushi. 72 pieces of sushi might seem a lot, but when you've got friends to feed and a lunch to think about, you're only just covered. With nigiri that comes in fours, and maki in groups of eight, you're guaranteed to wow when it's your turn to order.

Where: Sticks'n'Sushi, Greenwich

2. 240 Macaron Tower, L'Orchidee - £320

Who doesn't love a macaron? These French little fancies are light, sweet and moreish. So isn't it ideal that you get 240 in the tower? For a special occasion or a tempting treat, L'Orchidee's decadent tower of macarons is a dream. Combining their daily specials, you're sure to find your favourite flavour in a prime position, including the pretty pistachio, crème brulee, classic chocolate and sweet strawberry – as long as you've got £320 to spare.

Where: L'Orchidee, Westfield Stratford

1. The Full 50g Selection, Caviar Classic - £493

Now, you might be wondering, what you could possibly want with 300g of caviar. But, if you're having a shindig and only the best will do, Caviar Classic come to the rescue. Serving up 50g portions of their caviar products, you're treated to a taste of each. With the popular Classic Baerii, creamy Royal Baerii, nutty Asetra, much-loved Freshwater Beluga hybrid, iconic Superior Freshwater Beluga and elegant Royal Beluga options included, your party will certainly be a night to remember.

Where: Caviar Classic, Liverpool Street

For times when you really want to push the boat out and wow everyone, make an extra-special order with Deliveroo.

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