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  2. Your Guide to the Freshest Vegetable Kebabs in Sheffield!
Your Guide to the Freshest Vegetable Kebabs in Sheffield!

Your Guide to the Freshest Vegetable Kebabs in Sheffield!

Just because meat and chicken kebabs have become an all-time favourite among locals on-the-go doesn't mean there isn't a world of healthy veggie kebabs just waiting to be explored. Right here in Sheffield, restaurants near and far are serving fantastic vegetarian kebabs cooked and combined with a variety of flavours that are guaranteed to top your favourites list! If you're tired of your regular order of curry, check out this guide to some of the best veggie kebabs right around the corner.

1. Vegetable Souvlaki - Epirus Mediterranean

The Vegetable Souvlaki is a classic wrap packed with deliciously roasted fresh vegetables including green and red bell peppers, onions, mushrooms, and garlic all stuffed into a toasted fresh slice of pitta and drenched in a fantastically creamy Tzatziki yoghurt sauce for the perfect final touch! Full of healthy and nutritious benefits, the Vegetable Souvlaki is a perfect wrap for any vegetarian lover in the mood for a wonderful kebab. Epirus Mediterranean Cuisine never fails to impress, serving a variety of terrific and traditional Vegetable Souvlakis perfect for any time of the day!

2. Grilled Halloumi - Med Food Co

From Eastern Mediterranean street food to the heart of Sheffield, Med Food Co presents refreshing and fantastic dishes that include grilled meats, freshly made falafel, and special rice boxes with various mixed options. For a change of pace, try their Grilled Halloumi, a classic melted halloumi cheese wrap with healthy toppings such as cucumbers, lettuce, tomatoes, and more. Pick any of three savoury sauces to go along with your ultimate wrap, like a cool mint yoghurt, a classic chilli sauce or a charcoal grilled red pepper sauce for a kick of fiery flavour. Light, tasty, fresh, and packed with goodness, the Halloumi wrap is bound to be an all-time favourite for both vegetarians and meat lovers alike.

3. Chips and Cheese Wrap - Food Stop

Another healthy bite to grab the next time you feel a rumble coming on is the Chips and Cheese Wrap from Food Stop. Presenting various delicious and authentic late-night kebab dishes such as the legendary doner wraps, Food Stop makes their special crispy and crunchy potato chips with melted cheese in freshly baked bread and accompanied by even more chips, fresh salads and their own house sauce for a perfectly healthy and filling meal perfect for any day of the week. If you're feeling like something with a crunch, go ahead and check out this tasteful wrap from Food Stop and you won't be disappointed!

4. Loaded Pittas - Humpit

For those looking for a full-fledged and healthy vegetarian dish, ditch the traditional kebabs and check out the Loaded Pittas at Humpit! Melt in your mouth and freshly baked homemade white or wholemeal pittas stuffed with authentic hummus, fresh handmade falafel, mixed salad, and a homemade sauce, making every bite a vegetarian heaven. Hummus bowls are offered in many varieties as well, with everything from mushrooms to a spicy salsa and chickpea mix. If you're in the market for a great and healthy bite to eat, Humpit is the place to check out.

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