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Deliveroo’s Ultimate Guide to Pizzas from Around the World

Deliveroo’s ultimate pizza guide – as chosen by our teammates from around the world

Don't you just love hearing those three magic words; "Fancy a pizza?" This Italian export is great to share, eat by the slice or devour in one go. We've all got our favourites, whether it's a traditional Neapolitan, pizza done NYC style or a twist on a classic. So we asked our global Deliveroo teammates for their pick of the pizzas from around the world, and here's what they chose.

Napoli, La Boîte Noire – Lyon, France

This pizza is a real tribute to Naples, where the whole of La Boîte Noire's kitchen team comes from. It's topped with tomato, capers and anchovies to give you a zingy and salty hit in every bite. To keep this dish true to its Italian roots, the owner Lucas (who's only 21 by the way) often travels to Naples with the chefs to source the best local produce around. They work with small Italian suppliers who'd never exported to France before, so with every slice it's like you're getting an off-the-beaten-track tour of Southern Italy's best pizzerias.

Margherita Verace, 400 Gradi – Melbourne, Australia

In 2014, this margherita was recognised as the world's best pizza, according to the specialita tradizionale garantita (STG). To get a bit technical, the STG is the authority over proper Neapolitan pizza, and a true margherita needs to tick quite a few boxes for these guys. Just like 400 Gradi's award-winner, it has to be less than 35cm in diameter, the edges need to be raised but they can't go over two centimeters high. They also have to be cooked in a wood-fired oven – 400 Gradi cranks theirs up to 400 degrees, which is where they get their name. The topping only uses peeled tomatoes, mozzarella, garlic, a bit of olive oil, salt and fresh basil. And it needs to taste amazing – ok, we added that one, but this pizza definitely does.

Laksa Romana Pizza, PizzaExpress – Singapore

So you've had traditional, now here's a pizza with a Singapore twist. Inspired by a traditional laksa – a spicy and coconutty noodle soup – PizzaExpress has topped their Romana base with a homemade laksa sauce, prawns, mussels, squid, clams and fried beancurd. Italy meets Singapore in one slice.

Apis, Osteria Lucio – Dublin, Ireland

The Apis from Osteria Lucio is sweet, meaty and has a little heat to it. Topped with chilli, salami and sticky honey, this pizza is also popped into a wood-fired oven to get the crusts perfectly puffed up and lightly charred on the edges. The whole menu at this place is all about showing off the best of Irish and Italian ingredients and bringing that warmth from the two cultures together, so this is food that's made for sharing.

Bushwick, Otomat – Antwerp, Belgium

This is how you put a Belgian spin on pizza. Otomat preps their dough using the yeast from Duvel beer – a strong biscuity ale that goes really well with bold, gutsy flavours. The Bushwick, one of their best-loved pizzas, is topped with tomato, oregano, mozzarella, creamy ricotta and fragrant fennel salami to stand up perfectly to that beery base.

Bak Gwei, Alvy's – Hong Kong

The pizzas from Alvy's all start with a pretty traditional sourdough base, which ticks the boxes for both crispiness and chewiness. But it's the toppings that give them an extra edge. You might never have thought of putting some of these combinations together, but once you give them a go, you'll wonder why you ever questioned it. Take the Bak Gwei, which starts off with a silky gruyere bechamel and mozzarella then tops it all off with chunks of Cantonese char siu barbecued pork.

Pinzafied Margherita, Pinza – Dubai, UAE

A lighter pizza that still tastes incredible is the stuff that dreams are made of. All of Pinza's bases use 80% water in their dough, which is how they shave off the calories, without scrimping on flavour. They scour Italy to source their cured meat, tomatoes and cheeses, so to try some of those ingredients at their best, give the Pinzafied Margherita a go. It's a tomato base, but instead of traditional mozzarella, they've traded it for blobs of super creamy burrata with fresh basil. This is such a local favourite that it's the most ordered dish on Deliveroo Editions globally.

Rolling, Kilómetros de Pizza – Madrid, Spain

Each pie topping from Kilómetros de Pizza has been designed by five-time World Pizza Champion Jesús Marquina, and to try one of his most unique creations, you should go for the Rolling. This is a tribute to when The Rolling Stones came to Spain in 2014. Because those guys seem to have taken a dip in the fountain of youth, this pizza was created to reflect that, with loads of antioxidant-packed ingredients on top. Rock and roll is all about extravagance, so you'll find Norwegian lobster, lobster cream, silky smoked salmon, mozzarella, red onion, chives, black sesame, mustard and honey sauce on this pizza. And because Sir Mick is said to be a huge avocado fan, it's finished off with cubes of his favourite ingredient.

Margherita, Follia – Den Haag, Netherlands

When a margherita is done well it's pizza perfection, so it's probably no surprise that there's more than one amazing cheese and tomato number on this list. Follia's take on the Neapolitan icon starts with a dough recipe that's been in the restaurant's family for generations. And like all great margheritas, this is a simple tomato base topped with fior di latte, basil and nothing more. These Italian inspired dishes are so good that Follia's become one of the top five best selling restaurants on Deliveroo in the Netherlands.

Wood Oven Aubergine, THEO's – London, UK

THEO's in South London has scooped loads of awards since it opened, which goes to show there's a lot to be said for uncomplicated ingredients cooked really, really well. TimeOut, Londonist and Observer Food Monthly have all had great things to say about these wood-fired sourdough bases, with the right amount of char and chew on every crust. For a veggie-topped pizza that shows off the kind of quality we're talking about, try the Wood Oven Aubergine – tomato base, mozzarella, basil, olive oil, aubergine and that's it.

Pizza Avocado & Hamp Seeds, Pizzare Vegan Gourmet – Berlin, Germany

Nobody should miss out on pizza, so here's one for the vegans out there. Pizzare Vegan Gourmet has come up with a plant-based creation. It's a really fresh mix of creamy avocado, pachino tomatoes and sweet tropea onions – with a sprinkling of hemp seeds for added crunch.

Sua Maestà, Lievità – Milan, Italy

We couldn't have a round-up of the best pizzas in the world without asking Italy how it's done. Lievità are all about seasonality. They also tap into the Neapolitan tradition of pizza making but they're bringing their bases bang up to date by adapting the recipe to make them a little bit lighter. Like all their pizzas, the Sua Maestà, or the Her Majesty pizza, uses wholegrain flour and lets the dough rest for 24 to 48 hours. This particular pizza though is topped with fior di latte di Agerola mozzarella, San Marzano tomatoes – which are arguably the top dog of tomatoes – fresh basil and a drop of Colline Salernitane DOP extra virgin olive oil.

Who else is in the mood for pizza now? Find your new local favourite on Deliveroo.

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