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The Best Classic Burgers in the World

The best classic burgers in the world

The history of the burger has been contested for centuries. Was the first patty squashed between a bun by The Menches Brothers, or was it the work of a Wisconsin man known as Hamburger Charlie? Wherever it started out, we can all agree that everybody loves a burger. So we're taking it back to basics, to those tried and tested flavour combinations that make an all-American burger. We bring you the best classic burgers in the world on Deliveroo.

Five Guys, Cheeseburger – worldwide


We've all got a favourite cheeseburger, and the chances are Five Guys is one of them. These guys strip everything back to a classic diner vibe, from the restaurant aesthetic to a short and sweet menu that never fails. There's something said for keeping it simple and perfecting what you do, and that's how Five Guys wins all burger fans over. We say simple, but classic doesn't have to mean boring, and with customisable toppings, there's over a quarter of a million possible ways to change up your cheeseburger.

Solita, The Big Manc – Manchester, UK

Inspired by – well, you can probably guess where – Solita's Big Manc has taken one of the food industry's most recognisable burgers, and completely elevated it. The flavours might be nostalgic – with Solita's own take on a secret sauce (Big Manc sauce, of course), two beef patties, iceberg, onions, pickles and cheese – but this is a proper burger upgrade, using chuck steak and Monterey Jack to create one enormous stack.

La Toraia, Chianina Cheeseburger – Florence, Italy

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What separates La Toraia's burgers from most diner classics is the use of fantastic local produce. Their Italian-American twist on a traditional cheeseburger is a proper celebration of Tuscany's best ingredients. Swapping American cheese with Pecorino, then piling beef from Chianina cows and a signature sauce in a soft bun creates a Dome of the Duomo to rival the city's greatest landmark.

Tommi's Burger Joint, The Classic Burger – London, UK


Tommi's Burger Joint's Classic Burger is no-frills diner food at its best. Tommi – the man behind the burger – has spent years crafting his patties, and sold over one million burgers in the first three years of opening his original restaurant, Tomma Burger. Those years of expertise have gone into the Classic Burger. It's kept simple – with toppings of tomato, lettuce, red onion and the holy trinity of condiments (mayo, ketchup and mustard) – but it's also customisable, with oozy cheese, bacon and avocado. Also, word in the burger business is that David Beckham's a big fan.

MEAT, Cheeseburger – Madrid, Spain


MEAT's motto is "come as you are", and with a super simple menu, that philosophy goes into everything they do. With two burgers – the cheese burger and a special – on the Deliveroo menu, there's a confidence in letting those burgers, and their ingredients, do all the talking. The Cheeseburger is 100% organic beef, with Cheddar instead of American cheese, tomato and pickle, and nothing more. There's nowhere to hide with this burger, so you know it's got to be good.

Dip & Flip, Dip & Flip Beef – South West London, UK

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It's hard to improve on a classic cheeseburger, but Dip & Flip has pulled it off. How? By topping their cheeseburgers with roast meat and dipping them in gravy. The burgers are smashed on a flat griddle, crowned with thinly sliced topside for the Dip & Flip Beef, or shoulder of lamb, then sandwiched between brioche before being smothered in gravy. There's even a side dish of meaty juices so you can keep on dipping.

Paris New York, Atomic – Paris, France

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A classic vegetarian burger should live up to its meaty counterparts. And the Atomic from Paris New York does just that. Replacing a meat patty with a portobello mushroom, it then packs in crunch with a breadcrumb coating that's smothered in creamy aged Cheddar. It's full of contrasting textures and rich, deep flavours – turns out that no meat is no bad thing for a burger.

MEATLiquor, The Dead Hippie™ – London, Leeds and Brighton, UK


It's "pure beef, no filler" that goes into every Dead Hippie™. After starting life as the MEATwagon, MEATliquor became a cult classic, and this burger was made an instant icon. 80% meat, 20% fat is the golden ratio for this meaty masterpiece, which consists of two French's Mustard-fried patties, topped with lettuce, pickles, cheese and MEATliquor's signature Dead Hippie™ sauce.

Smashburger, Bacon Cheeseburger – Brighton, Newcastle, Bath and Milton Keynes, UK

Smashburger's a new kid on the block in the UK, but it's built up a huge following in the States after starting out in 2007. All its patties are smashed on a hot grill for optimum caramelisation, and, in the case of the Bacon Cheeseburger, topped with American cheese, mustard, ketchup, pickles, red onion and Applewood smoked bacon for extra bite.

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