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The Best Burgers from Around the World

The best burgers from around the world on Deliveroo

There's nothing quite like biting into a big juicy burger. The ooze of the cheese, sauce dripping over the side. It's everyone's favourite comfort food. So to celebrate the burger in all its forms, we've scoured the globe to bring you our guide to the best burgers on Deliveroo.

Le Normand, French Burgers – Bordeaux, France


Who doesn't love a warm, gooey Camembert to dig into? But imagine it encasing a chicken steak burger, sandwiched between a toasty bun, then covered in drizzles of mustard and honey sauce. French Burgers definitely lives up to its name, serving up quintessentially French twists that you just have to try if you're a fan of classic cuisine from across The Channel.

Homeburger, The Cave – London, England

In a nod to great British ingredients, Homeburger's The Cave puts cave-aged Stilton front and centre in this burger. The creamy, crumbly cheese is strong enough to stand up to the beefy patty, crisp smoked bacon and chilli mayo for a proper hearty burger that's balanced out by fresh tomato and lettuce. If traditional English ingredients are up your street, this is the burger for you.

Angus & Ale, Tim'rous Beastie – Aberdeen, Scotland

When you think of Scotland, it's rich, cosy flavours that come to mind, like haggis, neeps and tatties. Angus & Ale has managed to combine Scottish classics like these to make burgers about as patriotic as a scene from Braveheart. For a big, bold taste of Scotland, you need to give the Tim'rous Beastie a try. It's 100% Aberdeen Angus beef, topped with mustard mayo coleslaw, haggis and neep chutney. On a chilly night in the highlands, this will sort you right out.

Burger & Lobster, Beast Burger – Dubai, UAE


Dubai does luxury like no other city in the world. This super glamourous emirate even tops its favourite burger with lobster tail to make The Beast Burger from Burger & Lobster. It's an Instagrammable combination of 10oz beef patty, ultra-melty brie and a pair of claws, just to add a touch more decadence to your dinner.

Bacoa, Manchego – Barcelona, Spain

Have you ever ordered tapas for you and a group of mates and just wished you could have had all the patatas bravas to yourself? Bacoa's Manchego burger with a side of Salsa Brava is a great way to be a bit selfish when the flavours are too good to share. Topped with a subtle, slightly fruity semi-cured Manchego, and caramelised onions, slow-fired for five hours, this is like a showcase of Spanish flavours stacked in a bun.

Open Baladin, Il Partenopeo – Turin, Italy

Who wouldn't love a food tour of Italy? All those fresh Mediterranean flavours of basil and tomato, plus the pizza, need we say more. But if you haven't started planning your trip yet, this burger will have you hopping on a last minute flight to Turin. The Il Partenopeo from Open Baladin, meaning "from Naples", combines all your favourite Italian ingredients. It's got pesto, red onion and smoked provolone cheese, all piled on a meat patty. When does the next flight leave?

Be Burger, Brussels – Brussels, Belgium


Be Burger takes inspiration from travel and discovering new ingredients from around the globe – just like its pairing of wagyu beef and yakitori sauce for a taste of Tokyo, and its pata negra and roasted chorizo burger influenced by Valencia. But be sure to look closer to home as well and try the Brussels. This burger combines black Angus beef, passendale cheese, confit onions and beer pickles, because you can't go to Belgium without having at least a drop of a local brew.

Son of a Bun, The Black – Cork, Ireland


Son of a Bun's special edition burgers, like Mac Attack and The Edible Hulk, are an homage to cult movie classics. But it's The Black, their mainstay on the menu, that's a true local legend. It's like an Ireland-meets-America masterpiece; sandwiching the regional delicacy that is Clonakilty Black Pudding between two 3oz beef patties and American cheese.

You've just had a taste of the world's best burgers. So for your next course, check out what other creative combinations and classic patties we've got cooking on Deliveroo.

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