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Deliveroo’s Ultimate Burger Guide

Deliveroo’s ultimate burger guide

Some burgers are no-frills patties topped with tried and tested combinations, like burger sauce, pickles and beef. And we love those burgers. But sometimes burgers go above and beyond and use the unexpected to take things up a notch. This is our nod to some of the best creative burgers and patties with a twist that the world of food has to offer, and you can find them all on Deliveroo.

Almost Famous, River Phoenix – Manchester, Leeds and Liverpool, UK

Almost Famous has made the big time. This Northern Powerhouse of a burger joint loads their burgers with practically every topping imaginable, hitting the sweet spot between quality and quantity. The River Phoenix is infamous amongst burger fans in the north, consisting of a stacked double cheeseburger, Winning Ketchup, Bacon Bacon Mayo, Shoestring Onions and everyone's favourite childhood crisp, Frazzles. These burgers are juicy, messy and so much fun to eat.

Burger Art, The Hokusai Burger – Berlin, Germany


We couldn't talk about creativity in a burger without a shout out to Burger Art. The Hokusai seems to take its inspiration from its namesake's best-known print, The Great Wave off Kanagawa. It swaps turf for surf, replacing a meat patty with squid and grilled salmon fillet. Topped off with punchy horseradish, homemade honey-mustard sauce, tomatoes and onions, this is a burger for pushing the boat out.

BouBouffe, Shawarma Meat Burger – Dubai, UAE


A shawarma in a burger? Finally! It's like our favourite comfort foods just joined forces. BouBouffe is renowned for some of the best shawarma in Dubai, and packing this into a bun, with tomato, parsley, tangy onion and Tarator puts a fresh, Lebanese spin on a diner staple.

Haché, Steak Louisiana – London, UK

Ever been torn between a peanut butter sandwich and a burger? That dilemma ends with a Louisiana Steak from Haché. The crunch of American peanut butter with melted mature Cheddar cheese might not sound like a classic combination, but those contrasting textures, smothered over a patty, could be your new favourite wild card when it comes to burger toppings.

Macha Japanese Café, Avocado Burger – Milan, Italy

Milan's such a stylish city that even its burgers look chic. Macha Japanese Café serves up the most Instagram-friendly foods, and boasts introducing the Avocado Burger to Italy. This low-carb burger will earn you serious likes from your followers. It swaps a bun for a full avocado, encasing ripples of silky smoked salmon, so in the middle of a health kick, you can still get your burger fix.

Paul's Boutique, London Calling – Antwerp, Belgium


If you've ever felt a little fragile, two things usually make you feel human again; a burger, or a full English. But having the best of both sandwiched between a bun, it's like someone just granted every single birthday wish you've had since becoming a grown-up. Paul's Boutique's London Calling is a perfect pairing of bacon, spinach, egg and Stilton, all piled on a burger. It's the breakfast, lunch or dinner of champions.

California Bakery, Fish Burger – Milan, Italy

Whatever the weather on the Mediterranean, when you've got some fresh fish or seafood it instantly feels like summer. So for a sunny take on a comfort food classic, California Bakery's Fish Burger is one to try. Bursting with clean, crisp flavours, it's a combination of salmon, peppery rocket salad, iceberg and guacamole. It's like sunshine sandwiched in a bun.

Les Supers Filles du Tram, Ring Bling – Brussels, Belgium

If you liked it then you should have put an onion ring on it. That's what Les Supers Filles du Tram did to take the Ring Bling up a notch. This hearty patty stacks crisp onion rings and fresh salad on top of a beef burger. But the real twist comes from a generous dose of tartare sauce. This slightly sharp but creamy condiment is normally your go-to pairing with a fish dish. But spread liberally on a beef patty and you get the pickle hit you'd expect from a classic burger, with the extra tang of capers. Inspired.

Hook's, Frenchie Cabillaud – Bordeaux, France


Fresh, flaky cod is just the epitome of the seaside. Hook's of Bordeaux has packed all the flavours of the coast into a bun, with fall-apart fish that's been lightly caramelised on the outside from cooking on a hot, flat top grill, or a la plancha. It's paired with juicy tomatoes, red onions, cucumber, pickles and avocado for a proper hit of summer. You won't find burger sauce squeezed on this sandwich though, instead it's drizzled with Frenchie sauce – a combination of mayo, lime and cheese.

Jo'Burger, Ikqezi – Dublin, Ireland


Hear us out on this one. You wanted creative burger combinations and this does not disappoint. Jo'Burger's menu is full of experimental and unexpected burger toppings that take a special kind of creative chef to pull off. Jo Macken, the brains behind Jo'Burger, pushes the burger boundaries with the Ikqezi. Think of how much you love bacon and maple syrup. Well this burger applies that winning sweet meets salty formula by topping this burger with caramelised chilli banana, bacon and goat's cheese. You just have to try it for yourself.

Burger Club, Burger Club – Rotterdam, Netherlands

This prize-winning burger is a firm favourite with the Deliveroo office in the Netherlands. It's the combination of Spanish inspired ingredients that elevates it; with pancetta, caramelised onion, pickles, jalapeños and chorizo Iberico to give the Burger Club a rich, smoky flavour that's perfect to kick off an afternoon siesta.

Firebird Diner by Michael Mina, Dallas Debonair – Dubai, UAE


You know at the Oscars when you see Hollywood's finest heading straight to the diner after the awards? Well the Dallas Debonair from Firebird Diner is like the burger equivalent of that – it's like that amazing mismatch of luxury meets comfort food. Chef Michael Mina puts a sophisticated spin on the all-American burger, using a Creekstone beef patty, topped with buttery-soft BBQ short rib and peppery horseradish aioli. Pair it with a portion of duck fat fries on the side, and you just upped your burger game.

Hungry yet? We bet you are. Check out the creative combinations and twists on a classic that you can order on Deliveroo.

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