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World Vegetarian Day: Best Restaurants For Veggies and Meat Eaters

World Vegetarian Day: restaurants to keep both veggies and carnivores sweet

You need a filthy meat fest and your mate/other half/mum needs a veggie option that doesn't feel like an afterthought. In honour of the awesome World Vegetarian Day, we're bringing you restaurant suggestions with equally tantalising vegetarian and carny dish options to make you both feel nice.

1. Dirty Burger, 'The Dirty Cop-Out' and 'The Dirty Bacon Burger'


The 'burger alternative' is tricky to master. How can you replicate all that meaty, substantial juiciness without the literal MEAT? Dirty Burger's 'Dirty Cop-Out' with roasted portobello mushroom, smoked applewood cheddar and garlic and tarragon mayo succeeds. And for you, there's the Dirty Bacon Burger, of course.

2. Voodoo Rays, 'Shrooms!' and 'The Meat is On'


There's a whole lot on the pizza-spectrum to get excited about between 'Margherita' and 'meat-tastic'. Creating a veggie pizza that sounds so delish, carnivores may well opt for it out of choice, Voodoo Rays' 'Shrooms!' is loaded with wild mushrooms, butternut squash, taleggio cheese and mozzarella. Catering for meat maniacs, 'The Meat is On' comes stacked with minced steak, pepperoni, ham and pancetta.

3. Salvation in Noodles, 'Goi Cuon' and 'Pho Bu'


Providing tantalising Thai flavours, and doing that rare thing, making tofu genuinely tasty, Salvation in Noodles is a great bet. Order 'Goi Cuon' ( tofu and pickled carrot summer rolls) and 'Pho Bu' (steak and beef balls in oxtail soup), to cover all bases.

4. Comptoir Libanais, 'Mezze Platter' and 'Lamb Kofta Tagine'


Comptoir Libanais serves fantastic veggie-friendly food, with the highlight being the Mezze Platter – baba ghanuj, hummus, tabbouleh, falafel, lentil salad and more. Get meatay if you like with the warming, yummy Lamb Kofta Tagine.

5. The Veggie Table, 'Organic Superfood Burger' and 'Heavenly Halloumi' (BOTH VEGGIE but you'll like it, we promise)

Bear with us, because The Veggie Table's AMAZING veggie burgers are enough to convert the most committed of carnivores. The 'Organic Superfood' crams veg, quinoa, sultanas and nuts into a very seeded bun to make a filling delight. The Halloumi Heaven is the star of the show, getting all cheesay, herby and veggie up in a bun bun. Find 'em at Borough and Broadway Market persuading peeps away from the hog roast er' time.

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