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Wimbledon: What to eat when...

Wimbledon: what to eat when...

It's back! Wimbledon's here to flood your screens with strawberries and cream, sunburned fans, people who still think it's funny to shout "Come on Tim!" at Andy Murray and – most importantly – some breathtaking tennis.

To help get you in the mood, we've picked out some Deliveroo-inspired foodie moments so you can make sure that your Wimbledon experience tastes like victory.

Rain stops play

The worst possible outcome when you've settled in for a full day of action. Get your hands on something, anything that makes you think of the sun. Maybe if you think about tacos, burritos and ceviche enough, that will somehow give the sun the confidence he needs to show his face.


Apparently so-called by its French inventors because when you reach deuce, you're two points from the end of the game – all we know is, it sounds like juice. Have a sip of a nice cold pressed beverage every time the scores hit 40-all in the world's newest, healthiest drinking game. We're not entirely sure that this will catch on.

Straight Set Win

If it's a case of the old one-and-done, you need something quick and easy. There are clinical players out there who can finish a match in no time at all. Don't miss a minute – pay tribute to the masterclass with some delicately put together sushi.

Tie Break

Tennis does not get more tense than this. If you want the heat without the pressure, have your own Thai break at home! Plus, let's be honest, the mathematics of it all can get confusing, so it helps to have some amazing tastes and aromas to take your mind off the numbers.

Marathon match

We all remember Isner vs Mahut, that three-day slog of a match that was almost as tiring to watch as it looked to play in. If that happens again you need to settle in – pizza and curry are our top two seeds for leftovers the next day. And even the day after.

Early upset

There's nothing that the British public loves more than a win for the underdog. If one of the top seeds goes out in the early rounds, you'll need a bottle of something classy close to hand to celebrate.

If all of this tennis talk has tickled your tastebuds, head to Deliveroo now and get the fuel you need!

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