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Wimbledon: Order to the Queue with Deliveroo

Deliveroo dishes to order to the queue at Wimbledon

Planning to go courtside for The Championships at Wimbledon this year? Then you'll probably have heard of the Wimbledon queue. We're a nation of queuers in Britain, but even a line as legendary as the one outside The Championships can be testing without something tasty to eat. So check out our pick of the best restaurants to order to the queue from Deliveroo.

You'll even find some handy tips to help you order, and find out how to meet your rider on the day in our guide here.

Waffle Jack's

You know what they say, the early bird catches the Centre Court tickets. So if you're headed to the queue first thing, you need a proper breakfast. Why not build your own Waffle Jack's creation to set you up for a long day in the sun. Sweet or savoury, there's practically endless toppings to choose from, including strawberries and blueberries, or sticky maple syrup and bacon.

For more great breakfast ideas during Wimbledon, take a look at these restaurants in the area.

Pizza Euforia

When you're stuck in a queue, only pizza will lift your mood. Pizza Euforia has been a firm favourite in Wimbledon for years, serving up traditional and speciality wood-fired pizzas to locals. Now you can get it brought to you when you're trying to grab a spot at Centre Court. It's easy to eat, easy to share, and who doesn't love pizza?


A queue doesn't have to feel like a queue when you've got great food to keep you and your mates going. And there's nothing better for grazing and sharing than some amazing mezze from Ambience. How about a mixture of hot and cold mezze to keep your crowd happy? Think moreish halloumi, falafels and a Mixed Cold Meze Taster to keep you occupied. You'll be courtside before you can say 'pass the pita'.

Sticks 'n' Sushi

A sunny day with some sushi is just what you need for a light and bright picnic. And when the weather's on your side in the queue, what could be more apt than a Perfect Day sharer from Sticks 'n' Sushi? Or, pick pieces for your own platter, with nigiri, sashimi and gunkan on the menu. This is proper finger food that'll overshadow your neighbours' run-of-the-mill sausage rolls.

Franco Manca

Had your fill of pizza yet? Never. It's a long queue so there's always time for more, especially when it's from Franco Manca. These Neapolitan-inspired sourdough creations are a guaranteed crowd-pleaser if you've got a big group of hungry tennis fans to feed. Tear into a classic Number 2 pizza (tomato, mozzarella and basil), with sides of focaccia and burrata while you wait. With a picnic this good, you'll forget you're even in a queue.

Gourmet Burger Kitchen

If there's no end in sight for the line, and you think you're there for the duration, make the most of it with some Big Mouth Specials from Gourmet Burger Kitchen. There's no need to shuffle along with packs of defrosted patties when you can get beer-infused cheese, melted over a prime beef burger, with bacon monster crunch in a brioche bun. So bin the foil BBQ, get burgers delivered while you queue.


Go back to the glory days of Wimbledon with old school sweet shop-style treats from Bill's. When you start dishing out the Jelly Babies, Toffee Bon Bons and Chocolate & Honeycomb Fudge to your mates mid-afternoon, it'll be Advantage to you.


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Burritos for a picnic – how's that for a Wimbledon wild card? Ordering Tortilla to the queue will see you rise up the ranks amongst your mates and walk away with the title of this year's champ. Chips, dips and lashings of hot sauce to share. That's game, set, match right there.

Le Pain Quotidien

Strawberries and cream – as iconic pairings go, it's up there with Venus and Serena. It wouldn't be Wimbledon without them, so get your fruity fix from Le Pain Quotidien, with a glossy Strawberry Tart or a Freshly Baked Scone with Organic Jam and Whipped cream.

Brew Cafe

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When cocktail o'clock strikes in the queue, we'll bring the bar to you. All that standing or sitting in line is thirsty work, so whether it's craft beers, wine time or refreshing smoothies and deuces (sorry, juices) that you've got a taste for, check out the selection of delicious drinks and goodies at Brew Cafe.

Brew House

Warm weather plus a couple of cold beers in the line is a guaranteed win at Wimbledon. Frosty Heinekens and summery Sol from Brew House are such a perfect way to pass the time, you'll wish you could queue this long for everything.

Ordering to the queue at Wimbledon couldn't be easier. Click here to read our handy guide on how to order and how to pick up your food and drink from Wimbledon Park Road Gate.

Want more Wimbledon inspiration for your queue at The Championships? Get your second serve on Deliveroo.

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