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4 Of The Tastiest Onion-Fuelled Dishes In The UK

Onion-fuelled Dishes In The UK That Will Bring You To Tears Of Joy

Without the humble white onion, many of our favourite dishes from around the globe wouldn't exist. Or at least… they wouldn't taste as good! Whether it's a juicy American burger topped off with caramelised onions, a bubbling French onion soup or a deliciously spicy oriental dish, there is no debating the difference an onion – be it brown, red or white onion – makes to these all-time classics. Get ready to explore some of the tastiest onion-fuelled bites served right here in the UK!

The United States of… Punjab? Tikka burger for the win!

Armed with a blend of traditional Indian and classic American cuisines, Burger Singh absolutely nailed this one! You can never go wrong at this fantastic spot, choosing from a collection of exquisite, fun-packed burgers prepared with a fusion of worldly ingredients. The United States Of Punjab is a unique burger consisting of minced tikka mashed into a thick patty and fire-grilled. The burger is topped with a liquid gouda drizzle, tandoori sauce to perk up your senses and the shining star that brings all these wonderful tastes together: a heap of sweet caramelised onions. The United States of Punjab is also prepared as a vegetarian option for those looking for a veggie-packed dining experience. Be sure to order in this beauty the next time you feel a burger craving coming on – you won't regret it!

Babari Seekh in all its onion-packed glory

Introducing the cuisine that just can't get enough of the white onion: Indian food is definitely where it's at. Combining all the traditional ingredients that help make Indian recipes the delight that they are, 4500 Miles From Delhi brings authenticity from the heart of India straight to your dinner table. And if it's grilled, meaty, onion-y goodness you're looking for, the Babari Seekh is a classic you must get your hands on. Tender minced lamb is rolled with freshly diced onions and eggs then doused in a heavenly cheese marinade before being popped onto skewers and grilled over charcoal. The blend of enticing flavours makes this BBQ-style dish simply hypnotic! The sweet crunch of onion adds an element to this recipe that will have you head-over-heels from the get-go.

Chicken Indonesian Satay for some Asian inspiration

The next dish to tackle on a night in is the dazzling Chicken Indonesian Satay, which features two types of onions for double the fun! Succulent strips of chicken are stir-fried with peppers, crisp red onions and sweet pineapples, then tossed into a satay sauce with refreshing cucumbers. They're garnished with even more glorious flakes of onion and served with an irresistible peanut dip. The intricate mix of pineapples, onion and satay sauce will have you in a state of bliss. To try this wondrous meal, take a look Coconut Bar & Kitchen – you won't regret it.

Oh la la! Go fancy with some French Onion Soup

Last but not least, a timeless classic loved internationally for its indulgent and heart-warming taste. Randall & Aubin's French onion soup is a masterpiece in itself: traditionally stewed in a beef broth, caramelised onions are browned and simmered into a fantastic rich soup piled high with comté cheese and sourdough croutons for a bubbling golden crown of delight. Packed with sweet onion aromas, this French onion soup might easily become one of your favourites from the very first cheesy slurp. This one's a list-topper any day of the week.

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