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  2. Don’t get in a pickle over your gherkins and other burger toppings
5 Amazing Burger Toppings from Gherkins to Pulled Pork

Don’t get in a pickle over your gherkins and other burger toppings

Sometimes we all want a change from the classic burger. That means seeking out toppings that are a bit more exciting than just the plain patty. It could be a gherkin or two, it could be a mouthwatering combo of bacon, cheese and onion rings. In fact, when you start to look into it American takeaways are always coming up with ever-more inventive ways to perk up the good old burger. So many ways, in fact, that it can become a bit bewildering when it comes to choosing. That's where we come in. We've selflessly searched on your behalf to find some of the very top burger toppings in the UK. So save yourself the pickle of choosing yourself and follow our lead.

1. Spice it up

Our first port of topping call is MEATliquor with their Green Chilli Cheeseburger. The green chillies are gently braised in butter and some extra kick is provided by a generous loading of pickles. Then there's cheese, red onions, lettuce, French's mild American mustard and ketchup. It all adds up to a real handful of a hamburger that will slay even the largest of appetites.

2. Pile it high

There are plenty of great burgers to enjoy in Leeds but not many can match up to the legendary Pit Burger™ from Red's True Barbecue. Why legendary? Well, you just need to look at the list of toppings to see. There's Black Angus brisket, Red's pulled pork, smoked peppered bacon, burger cheese, Dirty sauce, ballpark mustard, tomato, onion, pickles and lettuce. And as if all that needed further topping, there's even a giant onion ring!

3. Try the veggie option

Of course, there's no reason that the non-carnivores among us can't also enjoy all the trimmings that accompany a top-notch burger - and Ed's Easy Diner will show you how. Their Cajun Vegetable Burger comes with lettuce, tomato, dill pickle, onion and their own special Ed's Diner sauce. Or, if you'd prefer more of a Greek vibe than a Cajun one, then their Halloumi and Roasted Pepper Burger is pretty special too.

4. Check out the diner special

Think peppered pastrami and you're probably imagining the classic New York diner where it's served on rye and the toppings are a good dose of pickles. Well at the Handmade Burger Co. they've taken a different path and used it as just one of their toppings. In the American Cheese burger, the pastrami is joined by Swiss cheese, onion, lettuce and mayo and the result has to be tasted to be believed.

5. Go double beef


Let's end this round-up with a burger that goes for ultimate beef. That's because Buffalo & Rye have taken the bold step of topping their Buffalo Brisket with slow-cooked and smoked pulled beef, Emmenthal cheese, red cabbage and burger sauce. It just goes to show that when it comes to toppings, a bit of imagination goes a long way: you don't need to limit yourself to veggie and condiment additions when there's double meat to be had! We think you'll love this one just as much as we did.

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