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Five of the best vegan fast foods in London

We ain’t got no beef with London’s best vegan fast food

Just because you've adopted a vegan lifestyle, it doesn't mean that you have more time on your hands than the rest of the planet. Everyone needs and wants access to tasty and fresh fast food dishes now and again, so we're showcasing the best in vegan fast food in London right here.

London has a fantastic supply of restaurants and cafes serving up the best vegan burgers, nachos and pizzas, as well as other dishes you might not necessarily put in the fast food category.

Check out our selection of the best vegan food to order when you're in a hurry.

1. The Green Burger - Burger and Bao

For vegan burgers that are so good you'll doubt they are meat-free, take a look at Burger and Bao's menu. As everything is 100% plant-based, there's no need to double check the dish you choose is vegan or not. We recommend The Green Burger - falafel patty with glazed aubergines, spring onion, red cabbage and coriander in a soured onion bun.

2 . Loaded Jackfruit Nachos - MOTHER

The Loaded Jackfruit Nachos from MOTHER are in no way a substitute for the meat version of chilli and nachos – and that's because they taste even better! These tortillas are covered in smoky pulled jackfruit chilli, cashew cheese and jalapeno salsa. The perfect choice for a movie night dinner!

3. Pesto Meatball Sandwich - By CHLOE

The name may be slightly misleading but, rest assured, this is a vegan dish, as are all the dishes on the menu at By CHLOE. These "meatballs" are made of portobello mushrooms and veggies and served in an amazing marinara sauce with sweet peppers and basil pesto. An oozy layer of cashew mozzarella and almond parm add the finishing touches to this sublime sandwich sub.

4. Ginger Spice Grain Bowl - Squirrel Editions

Just because food is fast, it doesn't mean it can't be healthy too. So, along with the burgers and the nachos, we've thrown in a grain bowl. The Ginger Spice Grain Bowl from Squirrel Editions is packed full of good stuff - tofu, quinoa, spinach, sweet potato, shredded red cabbage, avocado and more. The house-made ginger and miso dressing drizzled over the top brings it all together into a wholesome and nutritious meal.

5. Spring Vegan Pizza - Lievita Vegan

Nothing says fast food better than a pizza and the Spring Vegan Pizza at Lievita Vegan is a perfect choice at this time of year. On top of the pizza you'll find endive salad, black olives, bio capres, yellow cherry toms and red garlic. Classic Italian flavours are enhanced with the addition of oregano, fresh basil and EVO olive oil.

Next time you're looking for a quick fix of plant-based fast food, take your pick and order with Deliveroo.

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