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  2. From Wagyu to Burnt Ends - London’s Best Beef Dishes
Best beef dishes in London from steaks to burgers

From Wagyu to Burnt Ends - London’s Best Beef Dishes

Steak has always been one of the classic choices for a spoil-yourself dinner out. Now, though, there's no need to dress up and go out for a great steak dinner; it can be brought to you.

We've put together some of the best and beefiest choices for dinner in London that will help satisfy your desire for red meat tonight.

1. Bife de Lomo - Gaucho

You know you'll be getting the best steak when you order from Gaucho as all the beef is Argentinian Pampas-bred. For the best in fillet steak dining, choose the Bife de Lomo, a cut that's lean and tender with a delicate flavour. Pick a classic Argentinian side like the humita saltena to go with it - that's ground corn and mozzarella cheese, steamed and served in a corn husk.

2.  Medallions - CAU

Some of us love the taste of steak but can feel overwhelmed when served with a big slab of meat. CAU has the perfect solution with its Medallions, where you get the finest, most tender cuts of lomito fillet, grilled and served with chips or a salad. You can complete the Argentinian dining experience by ordering a bottle of Malbec to be delivered with your meal. Steak and red wine - the evening's looking good already!

3. "Ari Gold" Cheeseburger - Patty & Bun

If you want great beef but want a meal you can pick up in your hands, then a gourmet burger's the way to go. In London, we're spoilt for choice when it comes to gourmet burger joints but, for a burger that screams indulgence, pick the "Ari Gold" cheeseburger from Patty & Bun. The classic combo of beef patty, cheese and salad is made excellent through the best ingredients and its painstaking preparation. Where else are your onions going to be caramelised for four hours?

4. Famous Burnt Ends - Bodean

They're not ribs but they're not steak either. Bodean's Famous Burnt Ends are somewhere in between the two. These delicious hunks of slow-smoked beef brisket are served to your preference of wet and dry in a light bbq sauce. Bodean's signature dish is served with fries and coleslaw and a guarantee to satisfy your need for beautifully-cooked meat!

5. Japanese Wagyu Beef Steak - Benihana

If only wagyu will do, then have it prepared by the experts. Benihana have been wowing UK customers with their teppanyaki dining experience since 1964 and now you can also have their amazing dishes brought to your door. The Japanese Wagyu Beef Steak may be the most expensive item on their menu - but there's a good reason for that! Order a side or two to go with it, or just savour the exquisitely marbled beef on its own.

It's probably going to be hard to choose your favourite out of this lot – they're all too tempting! But, when you've decided what kind of beef dinner you'd like tonight, place your order with Deliveroo.

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