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Vegetarian Sushi in Bristol Available to Order

Vegetarian sushi in Bristol is just divine

Vegetarian sushi is nothing new, but a lot of people tend to think that their options are very limited. We're here to tell you - no offence - but you're wrong! Bristol is renowned for having a lot of sushi places, and the good news is, that not all contain fish.

The sushi craze is literally everywhere - would you actually believe that it's one of the most common takeaways in Italy, of all places? - and because of that, there's a sushi style for everyone. It's always been a favourite of pescatarians (veggies who still eat fish, but if you're going the whole hog (or not, as you'd imagine the case would be), then you'll be cutting out the fish, too.

Here's what Bristol has to offer locally (you're going to love this... all of this!).

1. Yakinori: Yasai Geta (Veggie Sushi Platter)

Instead of having no choice, you're spoiled for choice at Yakinori. Their veggie platter has everything you need to enjoy a delicious sushi meal, without having to worry about whether it contains meat. Maki, nigiri and hand rolls all make an appearance, with yummy ingredients like fresh cucumber and mango stealing the show. Who needs fish when you have fresh fruit and veg instead? You really are lucky here - it's a large amount of food to sample, and you can enjoy each and every thing!

2. Fujiyama: Futomaki Rolls

If there's one thing we've learned over the past few years, it's that everyone loves avocado. Fujiyama combines it with cucumber, omelette, cucumber, beancurd and more to get that perfect flavour combination. Four rolls are the perfect serving size, but if you've got a bigger appetite or other cravings, the restaurant serves them in portions of eight as well! The restaurant itself is named after Mount Fuji, but you don't have to go that far for your rolls in reality!

3. Nomu: Dynamite Rolls With Tofu

We just love how much tofu is on the menu at Nomu. It's nice to have a mix between meat alternatives and fruits and veg, and the tofu really adds something extra to the plate. Throughout the menu, you've got Black Pepper Tofu, Spicy Tofu Fries, and of course, these dynamic Dynamite Rolls. Just make sure that if you're vegetarian and ordering these, that you ask for them without the helping of salmon!

Good food (and takeaway!) is for everyone, not just the fish-eaters and the meat-eaters! Vegetarians will always be able to find something nice and easy to eat right here on Deliveroo.

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