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Cool Vegetarian Places in Birmingham

4 cool vegetarian places in Birmingham

The days of 'meat and two veg' for dinner are over. Birmingham's dining scene has expanded in every direction, with all sorts of options ranging from the classic to cool. The vegetarian landscape is seeing herbivorous offerings sprouting up on menus across the city. There's plenty to discover once you get started. So veg-lovers, don't go hungry. Get busy.

1. Spicy Peppercorn Tofu, Café Soya

Café Soya starts with a philosophy. Hoy-Sum Dao, which translates to 'happy bean' or 'seed of happiness', means that joy starts in the kitchen with healthy eating. The family behind Café Soya live and work by this philosophy, and the soya bean – an Asian staple for thousands of years thanks to its nutrition and versatility – has been their mascot for generations.

Try any of the vegetarian dishes here and you'll see what amazing things can be done with the humble soya bean. We love their punchy Spicy Peppercorn Tofu. And the spicy veggie pineapple fried rice is one of a kind, with juicy pineapple, fresh tofu and earthy mushrooms.

Where: Café Soya, Birmingham

2.The Ticklish Tikka Dog, Not Dogs

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Not Dogs is one of the cleverest ideas for vegetarian fare that we've seen for a while. The name gives it away. Hot dogs, only not.

Created by Katie and Jane, who describe themselves as 'a meat-reducer and a vegetarian,' Not Dogs came about as the pair struggled to find quality vegetarian fast food. All of their Not Dogs are made with an 8-inch Quorn bratwurst, one of the best meat substitutes around. But it's the toppings that are worth writing home about. Our favourite is The Ticklish Tikka Dog, with house-made tikka masala, crushed popadoms and fresh coriander.

Where: Not Dogs, Bullring, Birmingham

3. Yesom Beyayinetu, Blue Nile

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For a city that loves its curry, Ethiopian cuisine is a natural fit for Birmingham. Named after the Blue Nile river, this restaurant brings authentic flavours of the east-African nation to England.

The bayenetu, a typical Ethiopian vegetarian sharing platter, is a speciality. Laden with rich lentils, fresh string beans, crunchy cabbage, sweet carrots and hearty potatoes, it's a dish that has everything you could want.

Where: Blue Nile, Birmingham

4. Passion Mango, Boost Juice Bars

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There's no doubt that Boost Juice made its name through edibles that require a straw, but their smoothies are a banquet unto themselves. Opt for the classic Strawberry Squeeze with strawberries, banana, creamy yoghurt and milk, but if grey skies have you needing a cheer up, go for their sunny Passion Mango with no-fat milk, tropical and apple juices, mango yoghurt and icy sorbet.

If you still need to sink your teeth into something, grab a couple of protein balls, crunchy peanut or sweet chocolate. They'll keep you going for hours.

Where: Boost Juice Bars, Birmingham

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